Jordan Ck: Numerous stoneflies seen today 2/2/24

These were the 16-18s, Les. I thought it was way early, but it was before that cold snap that lasted a bit. Def not size 20s you might see in the drifts on an early winter day.

To Beweave's question too, I had a solid day with a basic zebra midge on steroids, like a 16 with a larger silver bead fished near the bankside eddies and pockets, even a 16 soft hackle on the dropper tag.

Nothing fancy, to poopdeck's point.
Ditto on the zebra midge. I did very well on 18-20 black zebra midges on Saturday. Not really a stonefly pattern of course, but the size and color seemed to do the trick anyhow.
I have seen some little stones here and there throughout the winter.
They were pretty heavy on the Susquehanna today - water temp was 43 degrees, which is warm.