In need of cheap / yet good rods....

What stream or river is this? It sounds interesting.
many rivers in the south / mountains are like this. SNP in virginia, towards the smoky mountains in NC, some spots in WV.
Taylor Fly Fishing has a 15% off sale. The Dynamix rod can be bought for 169.00. It is a nice fly rod.

What did you decide to do? Interested to see how this turned out.
I bought an 9' 6wt Echo Carbon XL ($180) this summer based on good reviews. From what I understand Echo has a good warranty program, with replacement tips/sections about $35. It is rated as moderate/fast. I maybe should have got the Echo Traverse combo kit for $270 and saved the expense of buying a reel & fly line for the Carbon XL. My other primary rod is a 9' 5wt Orvis Encounter combo kit (currently $198) received as a gift almost 3 years ago. It is listed as a moderate action. Both work fine. The Encounter has been through a lot of beginner adventures & misadventures, and still looks new.

You'll probably get better responses if you indicate your preferred length, weight, what you consider "cheaper", and intended fishing techniques.
How do you like the 6wt Echo Carbon XL?
How do you like the 6wt Echo Carbon XL?
I like it. I used it on rivers & mountain lakes in CO this summer. I'm not that experienced - fly fishing less than 3 years - but to me it felt a bit softer and more of a moderate type rod than the Orvis Encounter which is designated as a moderate/fast rod, same as the Carbon XL. Frankly, I didn't notice too much of a difference in casting or accuracy between between the two although I could cast the Carbon XL a bit farther. The Carbon XL caught plenty of trout in CO without problem. I bought it for throwing normal-sized streamers and indicator rigs and it worked well for that.

I recently picked up a 9' 5wt Taylor Dynamix on their Labor Day sale, and I like it too. Like the Carbon, it seems a bit more moderate than fast to me. Accuracy in my hands was good at my normal 40' and shorter eastern stream distances. So far I've only caught bluegills & small smallmouths with it due to low water levels and higher temps where I'm fishing in MD & PA.