How to Tie the Walter Wiese's GFA Hopper Pattern

Detailed instructions for tying Walter Wiese's GFA Hopper.Recipe:
Hook: 2X-long hopper hook (here, a Dai-Riki 280), sizes 6-14.
Thread: UTC 140 Denier, tan.
Underbody: Peacock herl.
Body: Craft Foam, 2mm, tan.
Wing: Bleached elk hair, cleaned and stacked.
Hot spot: Bright Craft Foam, 2mm.
Legs: Striped round-rubber legs, medium.

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I've got the "bob's hopper" cutter, and have been catching far too many bluegill with them ;) I can't remember if I bought the 12, or 14. Nice pattern, fish love this pattern. I tie it a little simpler than above, with a little smaller profile and hook, but it still rocks....

- I just tie it without the wing, I feel like the fish don't see the wing anyhow...