How Fly Line is Made | RIO Products | Behind The Brand | Fly Fishing

Have you ever found yourself standing in a fly shop, holding a shiny new fly line and wondering how exactly it was made? What kind of complex manufacturing processes and innovative designs go into creating those weight-forward tapers that make casting so smooth? Well, wonder no more! In this exclusive behind-the-scenes look, we take you inside the production facilities of RIO Products, one of the most respected and innovative fly line companies in the world.

The journey starts on the factory floor, where we see industrial machines spinning top-secret composite materials into the finely-tuned cores that give RIO lines their legendary performance. Engineers test out prototypes, tweaking taper designs and lengths until they achieve the perfect balance of power and precision. Skilled production workers meticulously assemble each line, their trained eyes inspecting for even the slightest defect.

But it takes more than just technical mastery to create a world-class fly line. You'll hear from the designers whose relentless field-testing and refinement result in lines honed to excel in real on-the-water conditions. From prototype to finished product, it's this relentless pursuit of perfection that makes RIO a leader in the industry.

So come along and satisfy your curiosity about how fly line goes from raw materials to that flawless final form. With unprecedented access to RIO's state-of-the-art production facilities and the inside scoop from their talented team, we reveal the innovation and care that makes these lines revered by anglers across the globe. You'll never look at fly line the same away again!

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