Help! Which flies to buy?


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Aug 19, 2022
North Central Pennsylvania
In my other post on this forum I asked for help in finding a supplier for decent quality flies because I won't be tying my own at first. You guys answered the call and now I have the names of several good suppliers, and I thank you all for that. So, Xmas is on the horizon, family and friends are asking for gift ideas for me and I'm thinking...trout flies. My problem is I don't know exactly what to buy or what to tell them I want.

I'll be doing all my fly fishing in north/central Pennsylvania streams and rivers. I figure at first it'll all be nymphs and streamers. What are the ones I definitely want to carry with me and in what sizes. I plan to make up a little list together with the names of suppliers and email it to my gift buyers.

Appreciate any help you can offer.
black wooley buggers
pheasant tail size 12-18 and flashback PTs. i do well with the flashbacks.
hares ear size 12-18
prince nympth
caddis pupa
zebra midge
adams parachute
assortment of caddis flys
i even catch trout on salmon/steelhead flys. egg patterns ect...
and dont forget the squirmy wormy lol. yeah, i said it. red and pink. tungeston bead head to get down faster in deep/faster waters.

i would also add as we are approaching colder weather, the flies you want to fish will be smaller and darker. this time of year and later into winter i also do well with black pheasant tails. black hares ears and of course black midges.

hope this helps. im sure other members will have their own list. buy them all!
My suggestions….

-Pheasant tails
-Hares Ears
-Caddis nymphs-Walts Worms, LeBug
-Squirmy worms

-March Browns
All of the above a sold options. I would also get some perdigons in the size 16-18 sizes in purple and olive. These are good for tight-lining (if you subscribe to that) or times when you want a fly that is sparse but slightly larger than a midge but can really get down. I will be fishing a perdigon 16 today (purple body) as my point fly. If you are fishing in small creeks with a dry/dropper a size 14 stimulator would be a good fly to have too as the larger size will give the fly added buoyancy to float in general and incase you want to throw a nymph off the back of it. I prefer an orange belly on my stimulator.

Some good Orvis made flies to reference would be;

Tactical (jig style) French Nymph jig in a size 14 (this fly is a mainstay in my box for trout year round)
Tactical (jig style) PT in sizes 14,12,10 (good late spring summertime trout fly for me) (the size 10 is good for smallmouth as the weather picks up)
The "Princes Nymph" in sizes 14 and 12 (a good nymph for early stockers due to its hot bead)
Miller's Tactical Plus 1 sizes 18,16,14 (a killer fly for trout year around)

If you decide to buy some flies through Facebook marketplace, check my plugs in your other thread.
Yep. Good advice above. Nothing I would add other than a good attractor or 2.

Royal wulff in 12 and 14
Yellow stimulator in 12 and 14.
#8 Golden Retriever. The fly flat out works and should be in every fly anglers box. Extremely versatile and one of my biggest producers when I'm fishing streamers.