Hello From Southwestern PA



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Apr 10, 2023
Hello all! I'm fairly new to fly fishing, only having a couple of years under my waders. I was quite intimidated to try after many years of spin 😐 fishing but now there's no turning back! I feel like I've basically learned how to fish all over again in my forties and it's been a blast! I'm from right about the border of Indiana and Westmoreland counties. Hoping to meet some like minded helpful people here that can help me out in my newbie journey.
Welcome. Don't be intimidated by the hobby. If you stick it out with it you'll do alright (don't reach for the spin rod as a crutch when the going gets tough). I equate learning this hobby to learning to drive stick (something I haven't done but I think it's a good analogy). FF is more about feel. Just have to learn when the rod wants to "go". Timing is critical. I'll tell you what, launching that first good cast and watching it lay out is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

Wish I was closer. I'd be down to fish with you and teach you some stuff. I may even learn something, and that's the beauty (and annoyance) of this hobby is that you are constantly learning and trying new things.

If you have questions about rods, reels, line, and rigging I could provide you more info on her through messenger.