Fishing for Large Brook Trout

I think that any trip you want to take would be awesome for you so long as your physically and financially capable. I also know there are tons of brooke trout in the state too. My bucket list goal was to find and catch a 18 inch one. I was after the experience of finally catching my dream fish. Three years of fishing and I found it closer than I thought possible and on a streamer. Maybe the trip itself would be more fufilling than the fish.
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Now that's a Wall Hanger. Well done. GG
A lot of Canadian streams in Ontario have big brookies. Look into the algoma country. Reasonable places or do it yourself there.
Same here. I have a list of places based on "insider" info to try out this year. Since I've self-imposed abstinence from fishing in PA this year, I plan on hitting a few of those spots in southern NY this year too.
I might see you up there. I'm in the same boat.
I just watched an episode of the New Fly Fisher today where they targeted large brook trout that maxed out just over 20”. It was at Elk Island Lodge in Manitoba.

I generally target brook trout in PA between 5 and 10 days per year. I’ve enjoyed brook trout fishing since I was a kid in Potter Co. Obviously there is just something special about it. With that said most of my PA fishing is on stocked streams.

My question is to the brookie chasers on this site. The ones that chase brookies more than anything (your favorite fish to catch so you spend at least 50% of your fishing time).

Have you been to a destination like Elk Island Lodge to chase very large brookies? If yes, what was your overall experience? That environment is totally different than a small PA stream with a dense canopy. It’s a big fast river wide ope river. Is the draw the big fish itself or is the environment the real draw?

Do you have no desire to chase large brookies due to the increased chance of killing a large brookie since streamers are the fly of choice to entice these big fish? I fish streamers a lot and unfortunately I kill fish in PA due how deep they inhale it (usually aggressive browns in stained water).

I’m torn if I want to take a trip like the Manitoba show I watched and am interested in people who have lived it and how you feel. I always thought that was on my bucket list but now I’m not so sure.
Sent you a PM. I think you might want to look into it 😉
Well it's partially a brook trout! 17.38" Tiger trout from the upper end of the WB No Kill. It ate a large streamer.


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You don't have to leave the US to catch truly trophy wild brook trout. They are available in good numbers from ice-out to about June 01. The Rapid River and the Magalloway.


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Trust me, if you are going that far, spending that much money to catch large brook trout, go all the way to the Sutton River. Fly in only, right by Polar Bear National Park.

You won't regret it. Well, provided you don't get eaten by a Polar Bear 🤷