Cream Cahill - Maccafferitium Interpuncatatum

All cahills are tied with wood duck, ie, mottled wings, hence the name pink cahill. I didn't name the fly and it very well be call something different today than it was when I first identified it many years ago. These things change as we all know and what was once a stenonema is now something entirely different because some biologist want's his name on it.
I is not a sulphur and it is E, Vitreus. That has been the latin name for a long while. The 2 pics are nearly identical.
HEPTAGENIIDAE Stenacron heterotarsale ORANGE CAHILL F (body)ORANGE YELLOWISH (wing)YELLOW,VIENED (legs)MOTTLED YELLOW size12-14 8-10 East/midwest (tails)2

taken from our data
I could easily go with that. I still like Maccaffertium because of the wing veining/mottling is more severe than the pictures I'm looking at. Nonetheless, stenacron DOES have mottled wings, unlike eporeus. It fits.

By the way, I should apologize for an earlier mispost. It was Stenenoma, not Stenacron, that largely dissolved. There is only 1 species left in Stenenoma. All of the rest were moved, either to Maccafertium, or to Stenacron. Sandfly's suggestion is one of the ones that moved to Stenacron, whereas Maurice and I suggested one of the ones that moved to Maccafertium.

But the species name is no longer heterotarsale, it's now interpunctatum, lol.
I have three or four cahills that will cover this as well as a sulfur or two and even a light hendrickson. Plus some enourmous BWOs in light olive, oh and some Yellow Drake cripples.

Carry on.