Cooler Temps



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Sep 9, 2006
The recent weather trend bodes well for bass and panfish in the next few days. Most of the small, warm water creeks that I hang out in during the summer have dropped down into the 65 degree range. The bigger rivers are likely a few degrees higher. My experience is that when temps drop into the mid sixties, river smallmouths go on a feeding binge. Also, I have noticed in recent days that crayfish are becoming scarce in many waterways and this will key the bass on to minnows and chubs. Tonight (Thurs, 25 Sep) after work I hit one of my favorite local creeks and got my largest smallmouth of the season on a popper. The approaching front probably turned the fish on too. The redbreast sunfish were really aggressive and I had a blast releasing fat 6 inchers on nearly every cast. The sunnies wanted a large black nymph. If the approaching rain puts some more water in the creeks, all the better. The leaves are starting to change. I love the fall! Of course a lot of guys will be out after trout in the next month or so (not to mention hunting) but there is likely some very good warm water fly fishing coming up. As the saying goes - so much to do, so little time.
I was reading in Bob Clouser's book on Smallmouth that the best time of year for trophy smallies is the Fall.