Sep 14, 2006
What are some good access points for the Conodoquinet creek. I fished it once above carlisle in some park and it was very deep and slow moving. Is there sections that are faster moving or are easy wadable and good warmwater fishing.
I'm not sure how far you're willing to drive but the stretch from where Orrs Bridge Road crosses the creek all the way up to near Armitage Golf Course produces nice bass. It's about a 25 minute drive from Carlisle. It gets pretty weedy later on in the year but right now is prime. Most of the water is knee to waist deep but there's one big hole that gets about 6ft deep. If you get lucky you might see or even catch a nice sized tiger musky. Years ago they used to stock fingerlings and I've seen one that was almost 30" before. Clouser minnows, crayfish patterns, size 8-12 woolly buggers, and helgramite patters all do the trick. Hope that helps!
Where the Conodoquinet empties into the Susky is a place to start. You can wet wade up the Conodoquinet fishing the pools and runs, or fish the Susky too. There is a parking lot right at the mouth, Rt.11/15 goes right overhead. In the spring in years past we have caught some nice smallmouths in the pools in the last 1/4 mile of the Conodoquinet right before it empties into the Susky. We fished the white fly hatch (in Susky) and caught nice fish that didn't show themselves during the daytime hours.
Hope it helps. Its fun prospecting different places, you never know.
The best waters I've found on the quinet are far from access points. The water from route 114 all the way to the 581 overpass have some great bass fishing. Best way to get to the good water is to float the stream. I've had the most luck behind what used to be Lowes and at the far corner of Silver Springs Golf Course.

You can walk behind the old Lowes and park there but I don't think you're supposed to. There is some nice wadable pocket water there but a little downstream it becomes too deep to wade.
To get to the end of the golf course you need to park at Sample Bridge or at the Fry Tract Park at the end of old milfording rd (make the right before the bridge on sample bridge and follow to the end). It is at least a 1/2 mile wade to get there either way but it is well worth it. I would suggest Old Mill so when you finish you're heading back downstream. The land along the stream is posted back there.