Colder water smallies



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Jan 15, 2020
Anyone fishing for smallies now with water temps dropping? If so, what techniques are you using? I'm using weighted buggers with an indicator dead drifted and clousers on sink tip fished slow. Just seeing if there's anything else I can try.
Might want to try a crayfish pattern or two. Slow along the bottom.
low and slow. find the deepest part of the river. buggers and also catch them on muddler minnows.
I addition to Prev tips,
include some " active lifting" of your pattern
both early in your drift and at end of your swing....let it dangle below/ downstream for few extra seconds...esp as it finishes toward shoreline.
Fished the Kiski last weekend. Managed to get 2 on gurglers, and one on swimmy jimmy
I had a good day today - see Reports Forum for details. . .