Cleaning Marabou



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Mar 23, 2014
Does anyone do this? I saw that Charlie Craven and other commercial tiers do this.
Wash it, dry it, and brush it? No way. It'll get washed in the first crick it swims in.
Nope and I never will no matter who else does.
if the dye on the maribou comes off on your fingers, its probably a good time to give it a rinse

same with bucktails

Thanks, all. I watch too much YouTube. On the other hand, Norm has a point. I need to keep a sponge on my bench instead of licking my finger, especially when they take on the marabou color. 🤮

also good for a bunch of different materials​
Does anyone do this? I saw that Charlie Craven and other commercial tiers do this.
I do not wash the feathers, but I sort through them and comb out feathers just prior to use. Takes only a few seconds. I won't lie, the amount of dye that comes off some feathers makes it tempting to start washing and drying them before use.
Haha... good ol' Charlie "Holier Than Thou" Craven.

I wouldn't bother doing any of that stuff. Pure silliness. Just buy that fish hunter or fulling mill marabou, tie it in and go fish with it. There, it's prepped.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the voices of reason. ;)
I would never bother washing marabou, but I have washed dyed duck quills I use on classic wets on the advice of the late Don Bastian. It helps to align the fibers and make for a prettier fly.

I'll add that for the most part these are NOT flies I fish.

In regards to washing other dyed materials, if you are so inclined to try I would suggest adding some white vinegar or salt to the "bath" water. Both act as a fixative to help the dye bind to the material.
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