Bass Dry Flies



Feb 7, 2009
Does anyone fish dry flies for bass at all? I remember when I was young we would hammer them with live grasshoppers & crickets so I assume I could get the same results with a fly. I'm thinking grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, and maybe mayflies would work. Any suggestions on patterns to tie and how to fish them?
see the how do you tie your poppers thread kind of morphed into that near the end. Add sponge spiders to my list....
I bought a Dragonfly fly at cabelas last year and hooked into a very nice largemouth last fall. Shame I had such a small trout tippet on it, got it to my john boat and snap :)

Lesson learned for this year, spend more time out for bass and be more prepared!

I plan on spending some more time bassin' this year, thats for sure!
Greg, just to let you know, there are some nice bass on your new street! Did you move in yet? If so, maybe the boy and I will take a walk down this afternoon to say hi!

My two best topwater bass flies are a white gurglur and a white floating minnow.
I would have to think that if you are fishing the Susky for bass during the white mayfly "blizzard" you'd do pretty good with a white dry...
wgmiller wrote:
I would have to think that if you are fishing the Susky for bass during the white mayfly "blizzard" you'd do pretty good with a white dry...

You would think.....but not for bass. At least not around these parts. I have been targeting catties on top since the smallies are a no-show the past four or five years.
Yes and Yes! I fish hoppers and beatles. Frog patterns and spun hair bugs. Bass are pretty aggresive so no I don't float a trout dry. When I fish for bass I have a different mind set. (Catch more fish than my Brother) I still love and use the wooly bugger. Wooly, Wooly!!!!
Sorry for the late response. Yes, being from SW PA where trout fishing is mediocre most of the year, I fish for bass on top more than I fish for trout. I use cork and foam bugs. My favorite is the white skipping minnow and green and yellow Gaines popper. I love to wet wade on the edges of lilly pads and fish the edges and clear pockets. When the bass are on, it's a blast. Sometimes you get surprised with a hog or something even bigger...

Two years ago, I was fishing with very small poppers, targeting panfish. I had an old Fenwick 6 weight and was having a ball when something VERY big roll on my bug and took off away from the pads like a bat out of hell. I knew right way it was a big hybrid striper because in the past I caught many from the same lake... but never out of the pads. Anyway, this thing is ripping line off my Pflueger and unfortunately I had very little backing. I didn't stand a chance. Got to the end and "POP" he was gone. It was the one and only time I got lined while flyfishing.

Moral of the story: Fish well armed because you never know.
Lost my last deer hair popper and put on a size 12 drake. Bass hit it when twitched a little after a few seconds of sitting still after the cast.
One year I used all the coffin flies I had tied for the Jam (but didn't use because Penn's was a raging chocolate milkshake) to catch a whole bunch of bass one evening on a local lake.
bass eat all kinds of bugs on small farm ponds. ive hooked them on everything from stimulators to bee patterns........but floating foam minnows and popers are my fav's
ive done well on a turks tarantula fished top water thats the only bass exp i have fly fishin
Smallmouth will rise readily to a hex hatch. I tye a huge wulff style dry for them. The issue is getting the fly big enough to imitate the natural! I use a size 8 streamer hook. Takes a lot of hackle to keep that afloat... especially after the first fish takes it and slimes it up.