Anyone fish Class A, Wilderness Trout Tribs to Bowmans Cr west of Noxen, Wyoming Co?



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Jan 12, 2010
I'm looking to try the Class A and Wilderness Trout Streams on PA Game Lands 57, west of Noxen, PA in Wyoming Co. I really want to get out this weekend and first try Sorber Run. Anyone have any experience with this stretch or any other stream in that area, or maybe just provide some advice on where to park, walk, fish exactly? It looks like there is a parking lot on Sorber Mt Rd and only a few hundred-foot walk down the hill.

I live in Dallas, PA and this appears to be the closest public area containing wild trout streams that I can fish catch n release this of year. Cabin fever is getting to me.

I attached a map of the area I reference above. Class A Trout Streams are in Blue and Wilderness are Green. Sorber Run appears to be classified as both, somehow. The shaded green polygons are PA Game Lands. I downloaded free GIS data from PASDA and converted the shapefiles to KMZ files so I could import them into Google Earth.

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I would love to help. I fished Bowman above Noxen some years ago. I am not sure how far up I was. I had to hop around to get past posted lands. I really enjoyed the fishing. One of my best friends used to live in Dallas and we would stalk that area. He was a PSU graduate. PM if you want more detail.

I'm all for sharing information with others, but you get none from me. You have already done some research on the area and you live 10 miles from there. Get off your butt and find out how the fishing is. I don't want to hear your sob story about your limited time, no gas money, I'm afraid of the Boogey Man or whatever lame excuse that you have.

Make a decision on your own, it's okay if you are right or wrong, you still got out.
Fishing can be good, don't forget Bowman Creek is an ATW so is closed until opening day, except for the DH area.
Probably not an issue for this time of year, and you probably know this, but there's a rattler roundup in that area, so the area has snakes.

area had major flooding year and a half ago, may complicate walking due to downed trees.

brookie streams are hit and miss, probably best just to try them
I own a cabin on the northern border of GL 57 on top of South Mountain. Way too early to try to get up into there. The roads will be snowy, icy, and/or really dangerous mud, if it actually warms. When the ground is frozen and the top layer thaws the roads turn to soup. Bring a tow strap and winch. Your plan is good, just give it at least a few more weeks.

Thanks everyone for all the tips and comments. I did some recon last weekend in that area and tentatively picked a couple somewhat-accessible spots.

I haven't fished for wild trout in a long time so if things don't go well, I can always hit the special regs stretch of Bowmans down near SR 29.

I am familiar with the rattlers. Hope I don't see any this weekend up close, at least without a waist-high fence between us! I go to the roundup every June and always have a fun time. Kids like the snakes and I like the beer and steamed clams.

With the expected warmer temps this weekend, Afishinado, I agree with you that the roads will get pretty messy. I will stay away from the old railroad grade towards Mt Springs and stick to the maintained gravel roads.

I will make sure to avoid the private lands. I'm not one for trespassing and remember how I felt when I owned land in the country and saw people walking around. That would be nice if anyone here does own private land up there and doesn't mind allowing fishermen.

Thanks again and beep the horn if you drive by that area this weekend and see a couple guys hitting the creeks.

PS If anyone wants the Google Earth files I made of the wild trout streams, game lands, state parks, state forests, etc. let me know and I can email them to you.

My dad lives in dallas and my mom in Kingston do when I visit I have done a lot if exploring and the Brookie stuff can be great or small and unfishable. I have looked at sorber on maps and was curious so let me know if its good. I tried sugar hollow creek up that way and bowmans. I would try some of the stuff up in Wilkes barre its very acesssable and lightly fished, not as remote but very productive, if you need specifics pm me.
I'm all for sharing information with others, but you get none from me. You have already done some research on the area and you live 10 miles from there. Get off your butt and find out how the fishing is.

I'm with you bro. In 30+ years I never asked anybody for help. I've struck out on many excursions(40 minute hike in/out to catch nothing, ugh.) but also found some real gems doing the legwork - literally - myself. Trust me the satisfaction of doing the work yourself - trout or no trout - is something you can be proud of. I know your not lazy since you obviously done much of the 'homework' yourself with the maps. Time to get out and do some walking.