Alligator in the Susquehanna



Feb 10, 2017

Break out the meat flies!


Someone should do something about the alligators in the Susquehanna. It is killing the YOY Smallmouth reproduction. :lol:

Knew that was coming :lol:
Here's the culprit.


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Yeah, as it it Cayman went out of the river.

Crap, my dad joke filter is turned off!
I only know that because my 10th grade Biology teacher had one in his classroom. Saw it every day for 3 years.
I thought maybe that the guy who had Wally let him out in the river but it's his service animal or whatever he's claiming
We’ve got about ~1.5 million gators in Florida. I do my freshwater wading out West or in the N.C. mountains.
People still get the damn things as pets then turn them loose when they get big. They are not friendly, and the bigger they get the meaner they get. About 20 years ago, someone turned one loose in the sewage lagoon of a trailer park near Port Deposit. The lagoon was filled with frogs, so the gator (or cayman or whatever kind of nasty beast it was) had plenty to eat. Eventually some urchin from the trailer park got frightened and told his mom. Rather than tell the kid not to play in the sewer, she called the three-person police department. The "chief" came out and shot the creature, which was about three feet long. Then he called the local paper, The Cecil Whig, and posed for a picture with his trophy. He turned it over to DNR, and the biologist concluded that since it had some frost damage to it's legs, it had probably been in there at least two years.