Adventures in Brown Lining



Jun 17, 2009
Hey All,

I know most of you are die hard trout guys and I am still trying to learn all the nuances of the trout game. Sometimes I only have an hour or so to go fish so I fish the waters that are available to me!

So anyhow... have really started to enjoy brown lining around the burgh... If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it... No, there are not crystal clear waters... No there are no amazing backdrops.. but there are fish that are difficult to get to take a fly... and some great fights as well. Just a thought!
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He looks healthy, musta been a blast fightin it/he/she. What'd it take, crayfish, bugger, spawn? You gotta give us more details man, haha.
NICE !!!! Did you get the weight of it ? . What flies did you use ? I can't wait till I get out again to catch some poor mans bonefish :pint:
Hey guys,

I did not get to weigh him. My boga grip was accidentally left at my friends house! It was a great fight... I was throwing my 6 weight and it took me a good 10-15 minutes to bring him in as I was on a 2x and was trying not to break her off!

She ate a modified wooly bugger on a size 10 hook. Black maribou, black chenille, black hackle with a purple chenille head and small gold bead chain. The carp in the areas near me have frustrated me for a good portion of the summer. They see you coming from a good ways away and have proven to be very picky. I started trying to make longer casts and have started to hit pay dirt much more often. If you have not tried fly fishing for carp, I highly recommend it. It really tests your casting as well as your ability to be stealthy. As documented, it is a lot like bone fishing in dirty water! Even if you are a hard core trout fisherman, I think it really helps you to improve your skills in many ways. Even your fish fighting skills as whipping a good sized carp can really take some technique on relatively light tippet.

Good luck and tight lines!

btw, if you want a great education the book "Fly Fishing for Carp" is a superb tutorial and has really helped me make sense out of Carp behavior and the tactics to use to fish them!