3 rods for sale



Mar 3, 2022
1st- St. Croix imperial 9’ 5wt has had one eye rewrapped about 8 years ago . Rod is in good fishable condition . It has marks for fish lengths marked on it . I have owned since new . Asking $125.00 shipping included would be a great spare rod or everyday fisher.
2nd - NFC Iconoglass 8’6” 8wt I built for bass and pike . Fished once . Has carbon fiber grip and fighting butt , lemke reel seat ,snake brand guides . Throws 8-10 wt line well asking $175.00 shipping included . No sock or tube with rod
3rd- ll. Bean 6’6”3wt quest fished one season . Asking $70.00 shipping included
May be interested in trades too . If more pics of any rod are need , Message me


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Nice price on that USA made Imperial and last time I dealt with St. Croix, they didn't ask if I was original owner WRT to warranty claim so for $125 somebody could likely get a quality 5 wt with lifetime warranty (unless things have changed).

Good luck.
I may get that other 3wt 7ft glass rod you had posted, it looks interesting and I currently don't own any 7ft 3wts (Hardy SR went bye bye).
The 7’ 3wt is still available waiting for a good home
@Vtsalmon, I'll touch base with you in July. I'm a little hard on cash at the moment as I just got some car work done and I am going to buy some new shades for this upcoming smallie trip I have next week. I am intrigued by this 3wt. At the jam this year I got a chance to cast an Epic (Fast Glass II) (four piece) 3wt 7ft. rod that I was really blown away by, preferring it to my own Epic 4wt 7'6". I'm not expecting Epic grade performance out of your glass rod, in fact I actually want a slower action glass rod. I also have a Bauer MSL 0.5 reel that is black and green reel that should pair nicely with it. I eventually want to get a Chris Barclay 3wt 6'9" to accommodate the reel but it will be awhile before I get that rod. I have been trying to pair this reel with a rod for awhile. The "custom" 3wt 9ft. rod I bought from the same guy who sold me the reel is a real dud. I will pair it with a Winston 4wt 8'6" Air 2 at some point and may even entertain the notion of a Powell 4wt 8'3" 5 piece that I will look into tonight.