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Wild trout?
Wild trout?Popular
SubmittersalmonoidMore Photos from salmonoid   CategoryFish   Last Update2009/3/17 22:41
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Many years ago, well, about eight, to be exact, I was fishing with a friend, who was well ahead of me. In the growing dark of early spring, I heard him yell and so I stumbled upstream, and when I found him, he had caught this trout. Wild, stocked, two-year-old holdover, or just a very well matured hatchery fish?

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Author Thread
Published: 2009/3/18 21:21  Updated: 2009/3/18 21:21
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Lancaster County
Comments: 2177
 Re: Wild trout?
im going with a holdover. Really nice fish by the way. What county did he catch it in and on what fly?
Published: 2009/3/19 20:11  Updated: 2009/3/19 20:11
Joined: 06/19/2007
From: Lancaster County
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 Re: Wild trout?
County: Lancaster
Fly: Either white or yellow sucker spawn (you can see it in the top of the fish's mouth), but I don't recall the exact color. It was one of those flies that at the time I had only used for Steelhead, but got the idea that maybe these things would work on the streams back home in the spring time. They did...

Guarantee you have fished the stream and I have caught one small native brook out of it, so I know it has some population of wild brooks in it..

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