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Visions of Coty
Visions of CotyPopular
SubmitterturkeyMore Photos from turkey   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest   Last Update2016/4/20 0:52
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Spring Grannoms on the Little J are one of my favorite hatches. When everything comes together it's an opportunity to catch a lot of fish on top and still make it home in time for supper. It seems that I was a few days too late this year for the bulk of the cooperative fish. After a lot of wets and nymphs and a lot of water we spotted a very respectable fish rising slowly but somewhat steadily in a tough pocket of slow water with current on either side. Coty tied on a bushy caddis and I quietly slipped out of range of his backcast to take a few pictures. He let out enough line to allow for an ample drift, even false casting perpendicularly to avoid spooking what seemed to be the only trout in Huntingdon County that was aware that there were bugs to be had on the surface. Cast. Cast. Nothing. Surely he had been put down. I lost interest and headed up stream. Not so easily deterred, Coty took some time, tied on a smaller caddis imitation and sure enough the trout began to show himself again. I heard a modest hoot and a holler and when I turned away from my wet fly trance there was Coty with a deep bend in his rod playing the fish. I'll remember that skillful piece of fishing every time I look at this photo.

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