Spring Nymphing in Pennsylvania Webinar on February 8th, 2022

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The spring kicks off the fly fishing season. Aquatic insects start making their move with warmer waters and anticipation of their emergence out of the water. Trout are equally actively feeding on nymphs for the vast majority of their diet.

In this webinar, Dave Rothrock and Dave Kile will have a conversation about some technics and approaches to spring nymphing. Dave Rothrock will discuss How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig to get the best results as well as plenty of other ideas.

So join Dave and Dave for a fun and casual conversation about Spring Nymphing in Pennsylvania.

• How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig
• Seasonal hatches and trout food
• Types of nymph patterns
• Wild vs stocked trout behavior
• Your questions and answers

Dave Rothrock
Dave has been fly-fishing across Pennsylvania for over 50 years. He is an accomplished angler and casting...

Trout Carvings - January 2021 by MathFish

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Just sharing my newest fish carvings. Last weekend, I started 3 fish and carved them on and off throughout the week. This weekend, I painted all three. It was a nice way to spend some time inside watching the snow happen out my window.

The first trout was a brookie carving I made as a thank you gift for a friend of mine who really helped me out this past fall. I based it off of a trout I caught a few years ago. I'm happy with how it turned out and I almost wanted to keep it for myself.

The brookie that the carving is based on


Here is the painted carving.

Reflections: Paflyfish 25 Years Online (Part 1)

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I think the Grateful Dead said it best, “What a long, strange trip it's been.” While it’s only been 25 years, it has been a very strange trip.

December 1995 was when I first started up an old desktop Macintosh computer and turned it into a web server running a program called Webstar. The website was only capable of serving up a few pages of HTML code and GIF files for the 67 Pennsylvania county fishing maps that were on the site. The Netscape web browser was the latest thing for anyone that had dial-up access to the World Wide Web. At the time there was no Google, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) website or much of anything else for that matter.

I think the first month online in December of 1995 the site was overwhelmed with 200 hits. The fact anyone found the site and looked at a few pages was...

Just Good To Get Inside by Hank Patterson

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Human beings are flocking to the great outdoors in record numbers. Many are camping or fishing for the first time ever. Some have forgotten how much they love the great indoors. It's quite the conundrum. #(hashpound)killedtodeath

Seven Ideas For Cabin Fever This Winter

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By Alex Ciocca

With the long winter season coming up ahead of us combined with virus restrictions many of us will be experiencing a little more cabin fever than usual this year. Rather than give in to the seasonal drag this is the time to really bolster that dry fly box and do all your typical winter activities. To help breathe some life into your yearly winter routine I’ve compiled a list of some challenges and activities to help get you through the cold season and defeat cabin fever.

1. Try New Tying Goals
While tying is the standard winter activity, maybe this is the year to change it up a little bit. The box expansion will in turn change up your selection while fishing and you just might find that new confidence pattern you’ve been looking for! The challenge is as follows: Tie 3 new patterns of each respective style (streamer, dry, nymph, etc.). This is the time to...

A Fall Day on Big Spring Creek

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I made it to Big Spring Creek for a nice day on the stream with Derek Eberly. It was mostly cloudy and we had a high air temperature of about 52 degrees. There was a break in clouds with some sun peeking through at about 1:00 pm. A nice day to be out.

The water was gin clear and the trout could see us a mile away as we moved up the stream. A normal day on Big Spring Creek. We did obviously try to be stealthy about it, but it was rather difficult.

We did see some sporadic #22 BWO starting mid-day and then it turn into a pretty good hatch by about 1:00. The trout started rising and we switched over to dry flies to see if we could have any luck. I was able to get close to a few trout by crawling along the bank through the weeds but could get any takers.

The best luck for the day was a dry-dropper setup with...

Memories of Nelson and Armstrong Creeks

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By Matt Hanist

I've met hundreds of guys and gals while fly fishing these past sixty years. Everyone I have met and chatted with has been pleasant and I enjoyed our break from fishing.

The person I remember most was at the time my fly fishing idol, Joe Brooks, author of many of the earlier books about fly fishing and he has had a column in Outdoor Life for many years. Two of my favorite books, that led me to my early adventures in Montana are: Complete Book of Fly Fishing and Trout Fishing.

I first fished the Beaverkill in July of 1965 after reading an article Joe Brooks had written in Outdoor Life. I vividly remember standing in Horseneck...

The Small Warm Water Stream Summer Game

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Mid summer into mid autumn is prime time for small stream, warm water fly fishing. While this summer (2018) has, so far, been unseasonably wet and cool here in southcentral Pennsylvania, mid-June has traditionally been the time I start to look to local creeks for bass and panfish. The main game are smallmouth bass, rock bass, and red-breast sunfish. Many of these creeks also have largemouth bass, carp, fallfish, green sunfish, bluegills, hatchery trout, crappies, even pickerel and walleyes. However, red-breasts, rockies, and smallies are prevalent in most of the creeks I fish, with red-breasts ruling the roost. Green sunfish are equally widespread and sometimes are present in numbers best described as swarms, but they’re generally too small to target.

Many fly fishers, if they’re not focused entirely on trout fishing...

Paflyfish Spring 2020 Jamboree - CANCELLED

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After careful deliberation, and in following the latest guidance from national, state and local authorities, we are sad to announce that the Paflyfish Spring Jamboree will not take place the weekend of May 15-17, 2020. We greatly appreciate your understanding as our actions are always in the best interest of our fly fishing community.

We may consider some sort of Fall Jamboree, but we will have to evaluate that at a later date.

As of March 26, 2020, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) holds to the following statement regarding fishing in Pennsylvania- "In Pennsylvania, fishing is a year-round activity with many species of fish to enjoy, including bass, panfish, musky, walleye, catfish, trout in select waters, and many more. Fishing is often a solitary activity and is currently acceptable per the guidelines issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health if social distancing guidelines are followed."

Please keep up with current announcements and changes...

Open Air Podcast Episode 68 - Paflyfish’s Dave Kile

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In this episode, Coty and Steve talk with Dave Kile from Paflyfish. We talk about starting a site, choosing flies, places to fish, and much more.

Open Air Podcast Episode 68 - Paflyfish’s Dave Kile

The Open Air Project is a podcast by Coty Soult and Steve Sunderland. The podcast is about hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. The vision for The Open Air project is to share with people the stories of them and their guests, all while educating everyone in the process. They feel that learning is a never-ending journey, one that they intend to share with their audience.

Where can...