Spring Nymphing in Pennsylvania Webinar on February 8th, 2022

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The spring kicks off the fly fishing season. Aquatic insects start making their move with warmer waters and anticipation of their emergence out of the water. Trout are equally actively feeding on nymphs for the vast majority of their diet.

In this webinar, Dave Rothrock and Dave Kile will have a conversation about some technics and approaches to spring nymphing. Dave Rothrock will discuss How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig to get the best results as well as plenty of other ideas.

So join Dave and Dave for a fun and casual conversation about Spring Nymphing in Pennsylvania.

• How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig
• Seasonal hatches and trout food
• Types of nymph patterns
• Wild vs stocked trout behavior
• Your questions and answers

Dave Rothrock
Dave has been fly-fishing across Pennsylvania for over 50 years. He is an accomplished angler and casting...

The History of Erie Steelheading from the ‘60s till today with Jim Simonelli: An Odyssey

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51605470484 9d3cd03c9a By: Alex Ciocca
Interview edited for clarity

As the leaves begin to change and the temperature starts to cool off from the dog days of summer, there is one thing on the mind of nearly every fisherman in the Tri-state area: migratory lake-run rainbow trout, commonly known as steelhead. For the unaware, a steelhead is identical in genetic code to that of the traditional native rainbow trout of the Western United States, except that this rainbow trout decided to go on a so-called “big adventure”. Typically steelhead are an ocean faring fish, or anadromous as we like to call them, but they were historically stocked in the Great Lakes region as a sport fish and will behave exactly like their anadromous cousins but there is no ocean therefore we call them adfluvial.

Generations of anglers have been making the pilgrimage to the Great Lakes region in hopes that they too will be able to dance with...

Interview with Justin Pittman of Precision Fly Fishing and Tackle

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There is a new fly shop open in Mount Holly Springs Pennsylvania and the founder and owner is my friend and Trout Unlimited colleague, the estimable Justin Pittman. Justin needs no introduction to Cumberland Valley regulars, but I’d like to introduce him and give you a chance to hear some of Justin’s thoughts on fly fishing and his new business.
(Disclaimer: I have a modest business partnership with Precision Fly Fishing)

Dave Weaver: How did you get started in fly fishing?
Justin Pittman: I got started in fly fishing early in college. I went to college at Lock Haven University and was always into fishing. I wanted to take my fishing interest to a higher level and bought my first fly fishing outfit from Phil Baldochino at Kettle Creek Fly Shop.

DW: Is there an area of fly fishing that you most enjoy – throwing streamers, fly tying, bass, match the hatch, etc.?
JP: Probably the area of the sport that most appeals...

Coty Soult and the Open Air Project

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Good stuff....great podcast!

Another Great Fish – Old George

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Part of the lore of fly fishing in Pennsylvania, and the Cumberland Valley in particular, revolves around stories of big fish, usually giant brown trout. Of course this comes as no surprise to fishermen, nevertheless stories of great fish, caught and got away, serve to set the stage for what might happen every time we visit Letort or some other famous stream. Among these famous fish stories, perhaps the best known is the story of “Old George” as recounted by famed Cumberland Valley fly fisher and fly tying innovator Ed Shenk (think “Letort Cricket” and other patterns). “Old George” was the name Ed gave to a very large trout he pursued for over a year in the upper Letort in the early 1960s. The fish dwarfed other browns in the same pool that were themselves over twenty inches. Ed carefully observed this...

Local Fly Shops! - Hank Patterson's Montana Adventure Ep. 2

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Hank's in Missoula Montana sharing some fishing stories and browsing gear at a couple local fly shops. Hope you dig it! Snap It!

Getting Your Fix With Fly Fishing Podcasts

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Over the past year I have found myself spending a lot more time on the road for work. Things have been busy and these days I enjoy all business opportunities I get. While in the car I have been completely turned off by terrestrial radio and all the political blowhards on both sides of the fence stirring the pot for their own self interests. I have come across some ways to get some of my fly fishing fix with a few different podcasts during the week.

Probably the most prolific interviewer of fly fishing notables is Roger Maves. Roger's podcast "Ask About Fly Fishing" is an Internet radio show that he has been doing since about 2006. Roger has some really great interviews with some wonderful folks in the industry almost twice every month.

What I like most is hearing from a wide range of freshwater anglers, saltwater enthusiasts, biologists, fly tiers, writers, guides and photographers. With with over 130 interviews that include the likes of Eric Stroup, Gary Borger, Joe...

A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film - Part Two

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I want to encourage you put a smile on someone's face this year and make plans to take someone important to you fly-fishing.

nice post Dave and especially the last sentence. I promise to d exactly that, both of that.

Thanks for the reminder.

A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film - Part One

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This proves the theory that most new gear and flies are designed to catch fisherman more than fish!

Chuck Furimsky Interview of International Fly Tyers Symposium -

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Profile Overview: Chuck is an avid fly fisherman and fly tier. He is the sole director of the International Fly Tyers Symposium. He designs flies for Raineys Flies, and had developed a tying material made from leather called Bugskin.


1 - Dave: Please tell me how and when you got started into fly-fishing.
Chuck: I started in Fly Fishing seriously when I attended college, Penn State, and took the George Harvey fly fishing course in the physical education dept. It was the first Credited course offered at any University and it changed my life.

2 - Dave: Tell me what inspired you to create the International Fly Tying Symposium and The Fly Fishing Show.
Chuck: A fly fishing club of volunteers had a fly fishing show in Southfield, Michigan, that I attended. It was such a long drive I thought I could start one where I owned two retail stores at Seven Springs Mt. Resort. That was my...