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Spring Nymphing in Pennsylvania Webinar on February 8th, 2022

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The spring kicks off the fly fishing season. Aquatic insects start making their move with warmer waters and anticipation of their emergence out of the water. Trout are equally actively feeding on nymphs for the vast majority of their diet.

In this webinar, Dave Rothrock and Dave Kile will have a conversation about some technics and approaches to spring nymphing. Dave Rothrock will discuss How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig to get the best results as well as plenty of other ideas.

So join Dave and Dave for a fun and casual conversation about Spring Nymphing in Pennsylvania.

• How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig
• Seasonal hatches and trout food
• Types of nymph patterns
• Wild vs stocked trout behavior
• Your questions and answers

Dave Rothrock
Dave has been fly-fishing across Pennsylvania for over 50 years. He is an accomplished angler and casting...

Fall Fly Fishing Opportunities in Pennsylvania

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Fall fly fishing in Pennsylvania offers anglers an awesome opportunity to enjoy cool, colorful days on some spectacular streams. Anglers will appreciate the solitude of fall fishing while others are busy with different fall activities. There are plenty of streams across the state with trout and hatches to keep you busy on familiar waters and even going after some streams you’ve been thinking about.

Just like in the spring, you’re looking for trout and good water. There are plenty of streams that have naturally reproducing trout as well as stocked waters by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC). However, the PFBC only provides very limited stocking on select streams during the fall, which starts at the end of September through the beginning of October.

As the weather begins to...

Fly Fishing Getting Started - Knots for Tippet and Leaders

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Personally one of the most difficult situations I still encounter on the stream to solve is tying together tippet and leader. Usually I need to do this in the least desirable time, like in the evening during the middle of a big hatch. Usually the scene includes a lot of trout leaping out of the water and laughing at me while a struggle with a knot I can barely see. Ughhh

To help with tying flies to your tippet Rio shares with us how to tie seven popular fly fishing knots including the clinch knot, improved clinch knot, loop knot, Homer Rhoads knot and others . They provide some easy to follow directions, laughing trout not included. I also like how the Zack and Simon explain when to use the knots and some of the advantages of each knot. I had chance to catch up with I enjoyed catching up with Simon again on the exhibit floor at Somerset Fly Fishing show.

A good video if your are looking to add or improve your fly fishing knots.


Fly Fishing Getting Started - Spring Creek Winter Flies

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Winter fly fishing can be a good opportunity to get out and take a break from your fly tying bench. The opportunities are certainly a little more limited during the winter months with many streams possibly iced up. Southcentral Pennsylvania can often offer several options in in the region during the winter with spring influenced streams and wild trout.

Trout during the winter are not as active as you might normally find them in the spring and summer. Spring fed streams offer a much more consistent temperature often in the 50's year round and thus more resistant to the cold weather conditions. Some of these popular winter streams in Southcentral Pennsylvania include Yellow Breeches Creek, Big Spring Creek and LeTort. The wild trout in these streams can be incredibly challenging when the weather is warm, so have some realistic expectations for your first trip to the region.

Dave Weaver offered some solid ideas in the...

Fly Fishing Getting Started - What Fly Rod and Fly Reel to get?

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51691392989 628d8d379e If you ask any fly fishing angler out there what is the best first rod and reel setup you need, you will get a different answer from everyone. Picking your second, third, or even seventh rod you will have some very specific purposes in mind and still get a lot of different answers. Your first fly rod and reel should be a good general-purpose setup that will be easy to use in almost any trout stream in the region.

For the love of Zeus, you don't want to look like the dopey guy in the Symbicort commercial that has a crappy M*A*S*H hat, is fishing for brook trout in a creek with a large arbor saltwater 9 wt reel and 15-foot fly rod setup with a real bobber on your line. I'm not saying go spend all your 401k money, quite the opposite. Don't spend a lot, but get something that makes sense to get started within our region to fly fish for trout.

Fly Rod
If you are just getting started, you will likely want a 5...

Fly Fishing Getting Started - Take the Journey

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17205772584 77661497e5 c Paflyfish is a popular spot for fly fishing anglers in the region for a lot of good reasons. There are all sorts of great conversations and information shared in the forums on a host of different topics. We are very fortunate to have so many folks not only provide information online in the forums but help out beginners at clinics and instructional jamborees. Also, there are some darn smart anglers on the site coming from all walks of life.

I am hoping to expand on that information this spring with a new and updated series of content on the site that is targeted for beginners getting started with fly fishing. From my own experience, it took me many years to really grasp a strong understanding of the sport, let alone having any confidence that I knew what I was doing on a stream. I still question myself after 40 years, so not much has changed. After my last few years...

Where to Fly Fish in Montana? Part Two - How to Plan a Guided Trip

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By Brian McGeehan at Montana Angler Fly Fishing

As the 2013 season winds down many of us put our fishing ambitions on pause until the thaw arrives in spring. For those folks that enjoy blending their travels with their favorite pasting, fall is also a great time to start planning a destination fishing trip for 2014. When Dave Kile asked me to put together a post for planning a Western fly fishing trip I realized it was a pretty broad task so I decided to limit the advice to my home state of Montana (although a lot of these tips can apply to other states as well). Since planning a trip where you are fishing unguided is very different than going with an outfitter part 1 focused on DIY anglers. I make my living helping anglers plan their Montana fishing trips so hopefully this post won’t come across as too much of a sales pitch, but rather a useful guide for planning a guided fishing adventure to the big sky state. Montana is...

Spring brings an order of Trichoptera (Caddisflies)

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Great article. I am thankful for this site and its contributors. In the months I have been a member I have received much. Thanks to you and all of the generous people who provide insight, information and reasoned opinions.


Fly Fishing Getting Started - Knots and the DBK

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Yea, the blood for the uninitiated can be a pain but it is vaulable.
(took me alittle while to get proficent at it)

A thing that helped was a block of wood with two nails that are removable- this will really help in tying a good knot and makes it easier to do so.

The blood knot is very helpful for creating droppers too.

I can tie nail knots but not very well and I need the tool (I use the one that looks like a pen) but it is something I only do a couple times a year though. Luckily, I can do tie it in the comfortable enviroment of home.

Felt like child when David tied one for me one day- I probably could have done it but I know he could tie it faster and time was a wastin'.

Triple surgeons too when I am in a hurry.

Been using the improved clinch for line to fly.

Meet the Hendricksons!

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Some nicely shot footage of nymphs doing stuff that nymphs do.