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Fly Fishing Tips – Blood Knots

Published by Dave Kile [davekile] on 09/05/2009 (3563 reads)
When you have been out fishing for a while and changing flies over a period of a day you loose quite a bit of your tippet. One of the preferred methods for joining two different lines of similar size is the blood knot when joining sections of tippet or leader. This is one of the best methods for extending the length of your tippet.

A quick animated instruction for the blood knot and well as others can be found at: Animated Knots by Grog.

Aging eyes and dark evenings can really challenge some to tie this knot. I know plenty of nights I have calculated the time to tying tippet ratio. The last thing I would want to do is tie a blood knot at dusk.

The folks at Anglers Ace provides a simple little knot tying product that could save some time. Here is a quick slideshow showing how the product works.

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