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Blog > > 2013 PAFF Instructional Jamboree (aka Newbie Jam)

2013 PAFF Instructional Jamboree (aka Newbie Jam)

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 03/25/2013 (1451 reads)
Fly FishingHeritage Angler, Pcray(in the photo) and Foxgap239 put together the planning for another Newbie Jam on March 16. One of the several meet ups every through out the year that members on the site put together to fish or provide instruction.

The focus of the jam was the coaching and training to those new to fly fishing. The Newbie Jam was held at the Wildlands Conservancy's Pool Wildlife Sanctuary in Emmaus, PA on March 16.

Several members here from Paflyfish helped Heritage Angler, Pcray and Foxgap239 to then deliver hands-on training about many different topics including:
• Gear/Setup - “Head to Toe”
• Knot Instruction (hands on)
• Leader Setups
• Entomology (What trout eat, and their imitations)
• Fly Tying For Beginners
• Fly Casting Instruction
• Where to Fish – Types of Streams, and How to Find Them.
• Wild Brook Trout Fishing – Gear, Techniques, Navigation

Also in attendance was site sponsor Michael from Gogal Publishing sharing information about fishing guides.

I very popular event and one that speak volumes to the Paflyfish Community. Heritage Angler summed it up pretty well , "Today reminded me what good friends I've met through PAFF. I hope everyone makes the kind of friends that I've met here. Good fishing buddies are the best kind of friends, and I've been blessed with some truly great ones."

A special thanks to Heritage Angler, Pcray, Foxgap239 and all those who helped put this together.
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Published: 2013/3/27 8:24  Updated: 2013/3/27 8:24
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 Re: 2013 PAFF Instructional Jamboree (aka Newbie Jam)
Thanks indeed. I learned so much. I wish it had been longer and I never got any one on one instruction which is one thing that I hoped would happen. But that was my bad for taking so long to gear up!!!

Thanks again y'all!!!

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