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Mods Day Out

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 02/25/2013 (2075 reads)

The Paflyfish Moderators decided to take a day off from the forum and left the site in the good hands of Jack. We made our way to south central Pennsylvania to one of the more popular limestone streams.


Actually a reasonable winter day with temps in the upper 30's, water temps in the low 50's and a mix of sun and clouds. We had hoped for some BWO's, but got snow flurries by the end of the day instead.


The fishing was pretty good as Dave landed real nice 20" rainbow early on. Tom proceeded to quietly catch fish for the rest of the day. Maurice and I tried our best to keep up.


Dave took a quick stab with his net into the elodea and showed just how limestone streams sustain a rich abundant aquatic life through out the year with cress bugs, sculpin and shrimp.

Always great to catch up with them on the stream. The site is very fortunate to have great guys like Maurice, Dave and Tom helping support site in so many ways. Their dedication to the site and fly fishing really make a difference here at Paflyfish.

When ever we get together and start catching up I am quickly reminded just what a wealth of fly fishing knowledge these guys offer to the site. I always learn so much when I hang out with them. Thanks so much for your help!

Some more photographs on Facebook.

Sorry Jack could not join us and hope he can make it with us next time.
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Author Thread
Published: 2013/2/26 13:54  Updated: 2013/2/26 13:54
Joined: 10/17/2007
From: florida
Comments: 1980
 Re: Mods Day Out
Looks like it was a fun time. Always good to get out on a stream with good friends.
Nice fish Dave. GG
Published: 2013/2/27 7:47  Updated: 2013/2/27 7:47
Joined: 02/10/2009
From: SE PA
Comments: 1797
 Re: Mods Day Out
Did any of you post a stream report on the trip?
Published: 2013/2/27 8:43  Updated: 2013/2/27 8:43
Joined: 12/29/2006
From: Harrisburg
Comments: 18
 Re: Mods Day Out
Definately some knowledge there between those three. Last time I was there with FishId, he was far more interested in the entomology and heritage of the surrounding area.
The rod stayed in his car.
Published: 2013/2/27 13:02  Updated: 2013/2/27 13:02
Joined: 09/08/2006
Comments: 1221
 Re: Mods Day Out

Dave has an amazing knowledge of the history of this stream. He really needs to share more about this one and many of the others in the area.
Published: 2013/2/28 2:05  Updated: 2013/2/28 2:05
Joined: 10/15/2009
From: Eastern PA
Comments: 37
 Re: Mods Day Out
It would seem you are reading it right on the front page, no?
Published: 2013/3/1 8:51  Updated: 2013/3/1 8:51
Joined: 07/06/2011
From: Philadelphia PA
Comments: 911
 Re: Mods Day Out
WOW! The "Mod Squad" had a day off! Glad they enjoyed not having to read everyone's comments. It looks like they were too busy catching trout to post more pics of their catch.
Published: 2013/3/2 11:44  Updated: 2013/3/2 11:44
Joined: 01/11/2009
From: Pittsburgh
Comments: 138
 Re: Mods Day Out
Guys.This is nice, thanks for sharing.
What a catch Dave.
Published: 2013/3/4 6:49  Updated: 2013/3/4 6:49
Joined: 01/13/2012
From: Ferguson Twp.
Comments: 21
 Re: Mods Day Out
Looks and sounds like you guys had a good day. Congrats, I'll bet it's good to get away from the grind after you work the grind. Thanks for doing what you all do day in day out, hey when you guys are all together and fishin you don't talk bad about us and laugh do ya.

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