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Blog > > The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum – Worth a Visit

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum – Worth a Visit

Published by David Weaver [Fishidiot] on 10/31/2012 (2396 reads)
By David Weaver

Catskill Fly FishingSpent some time last month at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum(CFFCM) – what a wonderful place. If you’ve never been there before, next time you’re up in the Catskills or fishing the Delaware, take some time to head over to Livingston Manor and see this museum. You won’t regret it (especially if it’s a cold or otherwise lousy day for fishing). Although I’ll confess a stubborn loyalty to the Cumberland Valley as a heritage place in the history of the sport we love….clearly the Catskills stand tall as the birthplace and historical center of modern American fly fishing. Where better to have a museum to that legacy?

The CFFCM was started about three decades ago and was the brainchild of the estimable Elsie Darbee and her longstanding desire to see a repository for the history of fly fishing. Located on the banks of the legendary Willowemoc Creek, the museum exhibits multiple display areas covering the great personages of fly fishing and their fly tying collections, and old gear (looking at these old flies and gear is striking compared to what we’re used to today). Among these fly fishing luminaries would be the Wulffs, the Dettes, and the Darbees - not to mention many other innovative fishermen, writers, fly tyers, and conservationists.

Although focused on the Catskill heritage, the CFFCM covers all areas of the sport – for example, there’s a section on the Pennsylvania club, The Fontinalis Fly Fishermen, as well as an exhibit on Japanese fly fishing, bamboo rod making, and women fly fishers from around the U.S. The museum also includes/manages the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame and new members to this august body recently included several nationally known anglers, including Pennsylvania’s own Ed Shenk.

For 2013 the CFFCM is undergoing a major expansion that will provide more space for the many events sponsored by the museum. To find out more or join and support this great organization, please hit their website at:

David "Fishidiot" Weaver is a moderator and regular contributor on Paflyfish. Folks can find more about David and his artwork at

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Published: 2012/11/1 19:31  Updated: 2012/11/1 19:31
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 Re: The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum – Worth ...
The CFFCM just brought a new website online. Please check out:

Dave W
Published: 2012/11/2 21:49  Updated: 2012/11/2 21:49
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 Re: The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum – Worth ...

That's awesome. I didn't know you were presenting a painting or we could have been there to support / cheer. Coz liked the one you donated to the FUDR. I've got to get it framed and then I'll get it up to them to raffle off.


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