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Trimming Weeds on Letort

Published by David Weaver [Fishidiot] on 08/22/2011 (3667 reads)
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There is a common view among old Letort regulars that the stream is considerably more thick with weeds than in the past. In recent years, it's not uncommon to see the entire stream channel choked to within a few inches of the surface with elodea and chara. With weeds this thick, holding habitat for trout is diminished and some folks feel that it's negatively impacting mayfly populations. Worse still, these heavy weed sections are displacing the water flow up out of the creek's banks and into nearby meadows. With a chronic sinkhole problem in the upper Letort, water pushing up into the meadows is worsening the situation. Obviously, weeds in a spring creek are a natural characteristic and beneficial. Too much of a good thing becomes problematic.

This week, CVTU members went to work on a continuing process of cutting back some of these weeds. Using a cutter called a "weedrazor," channels were cut into the weeds and the cuttings were pulled out with rakes. An 80 yard section of the middle heritage section now has a much better channel. Since this process started, water levels appear to have dropped as much as a few inches. This meadow is still weedy (as it should be) but much improved. Just upstream of where we were working, an 18" wild brown could be seen in a clear section between weedbeds.

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Dave W

Photos courtesy G Giza
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Author Thread
Published: 2011/8/23 1:22  Updated: 2011/8/23 1:22
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: lancaster county
Comments: 1425
 Re: Trimming Weeds on Letort
Again, thanks for looking after the best interests of the Letort and its wild fish population. Anyway I can help please feel free to contact me.
Published: 2011/8/23 10:29  Updated: 2011/8/23 10:29
Joined: 10/11/2009
From: Southeastern Pa
Comments: 225
 Re: Trimming Weeds on Letort
yeah, I'm with ya on that, if you need any helpers let me know too.
Published: 2011/8/23 15:34  Updated: 2011/8/23 15:34
Joined: 09/18/2006
From: Oxford, Chester Co. and Reedsville, Mifflin Co. PA
Comments: 132
 Re: Trimming Weeds on Letort
Weed cutting has been a standard practice on the chalk streams of England for centuries. I've often wondered why it was not practiced here. I wonder no more. Good work lads.

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