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Fly of the Month: ThingAmaHopper

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 07/07/2013 (5835 reads)
By Dean Myers

It is the middle of summer, the grass is tall along the creek and there is a hatch coming off. Well, it isn’t your normal mayfly hatch that you need a 5 weight or less to fish and need a delicate presentation. It is time to fish the hopper hatches along the creek banks. Fishing with a grass hopper pattern can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to be nice and gentle and you can use it to fish for a lot of different species. If your trout waters are too warm, by all means, hit some warm water streams for bass and pan fish with a hopper. A lot of different species enjoy the tasty meal of a hopper. The other thing hopper patterns are great for is being used in a hopper-dropper rig. By all means, drop off the hook bend a second fly.

hopper Here is a pattern that I have tied for this year. A lot of people have been tying hopper patterns with foam. They are easy and they float well. Here is another option that I decided to try. The company that created the ThingAmaBobber has a new product that I really like. It is called the ThingAmaBody. It is an extremely easy product to use, looks great and floats forever. Another great thing about this product is you can make it whatever color you need it to be. It takes markers really well. So you can get really creative with how you want it to look.

When tying your hopper pattern you want to try and match the naturals. If you look at grass hoppers, it is important to see that the underside color is not always the same as the side and top color. When you are looking down on a grass hopper, remember that this is not how the fish will see it. They will be seeing the profile and color of the underside of it. Of the proportions, the head is usually about 1/3 of the body size.

Read detailed instructions here Materials
Hook: 4xl streamer hook #6
Body: white ThingAmaBody size small
Head: deer hair
Legs: rubber legs

This pattern I went with a bigger hook but I don’t have an extended body like some patterns that use smaller hooks. First put the hook in the vise and put down a thread base. With your thread at the bend of the hook, place a couple tight wraps at the back of the ThingAmaBody. Make a couple wraps forward underneath the ThingAmaBody and then place a couple tight wraps on the front half.

Next, cut about 2 pencil thickness of deer hair. Remove the underfur using a comb. Then place in a hair stacker to get the tips even.

Then, lay the deer hair with the tips out over the hook eye. Place some light thread wraps near the hook eye and get tighter with the wraps as you move the thread to the butt ends of the deer hair. The less flaring of the deer hair the better.

Some people can do this in one step but I find it easier to do this in smaller groups of hair. So I take about a 1/3 of the hair, place my scissors (which is always in my hand) near the hook eye and fold the deer hair back over my scissors. When the hair is about in place, I put a light thread wrap in front of the body. Repeat this step until you have all the hair folded back in place.

Finally, take three rubber legs. Knot these three together. At the knot I like to clip two of the three off so that there is only one strand after the knot. At the location that you placed the thread around the deer hair, tie in the three rubber legs with the knot at the back of the fly. Secure the legs and then cut two of the strands so that that only one is left pointing to the front of the fly. Repeat this step for the other side.

Whip finish and cement.

About Dean Myers:
Dean is a national award winning fly tier that hails from Pennsylvania and was introduced to fishing by his father at an early age. Becoming an avid fly tier is easy when you get to fish some of the most famous trout streams in the state (Tulpehocken Creek, Spring Creek (Belefont, PA), Yellow Breeches, Big Fishing Creek, Clarks Creek, Pine Creek).

See more of Dean's flies at Myflies here.
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