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Rio shares some fly line cleaning tips -part 1

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 07/13/2011 (4170 reads)
After a busy spring and early summer of fly-fishing, now is a good time to give your gear a little attention. Your fly line is especially could use some love during the season.

The UV rays of the sun and common chemicals can break down your fly line over time. Sunscreen and the deet in your insect repellent can easily do the most common damage. After a short time even Mud, salt and dirty water can weaken the effectiveness of you line unless you periodically clean and treat them carefully.

The team over at Rio Products has put together a couple of quick videos sharing some ways you can best keep your fly lines clean.

Cleaning A Fly Line - Part 1 from Sol Duc Buck on Vimeo.

Part 2 coming shortly shortly.
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Published: 2011/7/13 16:04  Updated: 2011/7/13 16:04
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 Re: Rio shares some fly line cleaning tips -part 1
I've had my Rio Gold fly line less than 18 months and the first foot or so has developed cracks in the outer coating. Cleaning and dressing my lines is a religion with me. I use Cortland xl dressing and cleaner at the end of every day I fish.
As far as I'm concerned Rio is overpriced and no better than a Cortland line.
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