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Watch your stream get blown out as you travel

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 2011/5/30 (2411 reads)
USGS River ReaderThis spring the water levels in the region have almost been biblical. I have had to change my plans and cancelled several trips as result of the high water conditions.

I regularly use and enjoy the USGS Real-Time Water Data website as the best way to keep up with this data. With these conditions I have been considering building an ark. To help me quickly keep up with the water levels away from my computer I started using the River Reader app by James Graham for my iPhone. I get a straight-forward way to get a quick graph of my favorite streams as the rise higher and higher each day.

There is a favorite list which you can create. The charts give you a few different time periods to view and a quick map to see your push-pins.

For $0.99 it is a quick and easy way to keep up with your favorite streams. A special drought version will be in view I am sure by the summer.

I have heard there is similar app for Android called River Flows, but don't know a lot about yet. Please comment if you are using it. Thanks @funcfish for the tweet on this!

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/5/31 13:23  Updated: 2011/5/31 13:23
Joined: 2009/4/26
Posts: 98
 Re: Watch your stream get blown out as you travel
Awesome app. I wonder why they give instantaneous gage height but not flow
Posted: 2011/5/31 14:36  Updated: 2011/5/31 14:36
Joined: 2006/9/10
From: Pine Grove
Posts: 2390
 Re: Watch your stream get blown out as you travel
I use an app for android called "River Flows" that works similarly, but it's free.

Posted: 2011/5/31 20:36  Updated: 2011/5/31 20:38
Joined: 2010/5/1
From: NE OH
Posts: 1228
 Re: Watch your stream get blown out as you travel
Thanks for posting this. I got River Flows for Android. This is a little quicker to use than all of the internet browser bookmarks I use on my phone. On River Flows your favorites list has all of the flows in the list and then you can hit the particular stream if you want more info. No maps for app...yet.
Posted: 2011/5/31 22:09  Updated: 2011/5/31 22:09
Joined: 2009/7/29
Posts: 1689
 Re: Watch your stream get blown out as you travel
Thanks for the idea ... I got riverflows on my android phone. Easy to change chart between flow, height, temp etc...
Posted: 2011/6/1 12:41  Updated: 2011/6/1 12:41
Joined: 2009/9/9
From: Bel Air, MD
Posts: 684
 Re: Watch your stream get blown out as you travel
Same here...picked up the River Flow app for Android. I never would have thought to look for it, so thanks for posting. It will save me a few steps in finding the link to the Gunpowder stream gauge.
Posted: 2011/6/2 11:35  Updated: 2011/6/2 14:49
Joined: 2009/9/9
From: North Central PA
Posts: 779
 Re: Watch your stream get blown out as you travel
downloaded River Flows yesterday.... love the app!

Here's the link:
Posted: 2011/6/4 23:22  Updated: 2011/6/4 23:22
Joined: 2006/9/9
From: Delaware Co.
Posts: 3392
 Re: Watch your stream get blown out as you travel
Sorry guys I have a better App its more money but its worth I have both apps and I use this one a lot more .

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