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Blog > Interviews > A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film - Part Two

A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film - Part Two

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 05/08/2011 (6378 reads)
jGary BorgerGary Borger provides extensive ideas on how to fish the surface of the water and just below in "Fishing the Film." He explores what brings trout to the film zone and why you need to really understand what is going on in that space.

"So, the question becomes, with all the food available on the bottom why would trout ever come to the surface to feed?...There only can be one answer: there's more food that's easier to catch at the film."

Further examination of feeding in the film Gary reveals traits of several different types of rise forms. Bulges, tails, fins and other rises are all indicators of very specific feed behavior. These feeding characteristics offer better insight to specific activity below the surface.

I was not only impressed with how much coverage Gary provides with the world just below the surface, but also sharing fly fishing tactics that bring success, too. Gary focusses on an aspect of casting that matches the water flow and more importantly that does not produce drag. It is chapters like this that make it a book for beginners and experienced anglers a like.

"Fishing the Film" is a book I will be keeping close by for quite a while. Many wonderful ideas to explore and try out.

Fishing the Film is the first in a series of twenty books Gary is putting together. Further books are to be a hit as well. Jason Borger provides an excellent set of illustrations throughout the book.

To purchase Fishing the Film you can go to Gary Borger's page here.
You can find out more about Gary Borger at his blog.
More from Jason Borger can be found on his blog.
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Author Thread
Published: 2011/5/9 17:50  Updated: 2011/5/9 17:50
Joined: 07/03/2007
Comments: 10
 Re: A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film ...
Lots of great information I intendto use both here and on my trip our West later this year. I'm anxious to try his stillwater tactics on Trout Lake.
Published: 2011/5/10 7:47  Updated: 2011/5/10 7:48
Joined: 02/10/2009
From: SE PA
Comments: 1797
 Re: A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film ...
I purchased the book a week ago and am about 1/3 of the way through it. So far on a scale of 0 to 5, with 3 being nice to have and 5 being a must have, I rate it about a 4. I reserve the right to change my opinion after I've read and digested the entire book.

While several of the sections are a rehash of topics I've already read in other books there are enough tidbits of interesting details sprinkled through to make it worth a read. For instance, in the section on how trout see and optical effects from the perspective of the underwater world Gary reminds us that much of the underside of the water appears mirrored to the trout. Flies moving by in that space can appear to have a double image or even just a single inverted mirrored image as the real image may be obscured. In some of these cases the trout may strike the mirror image and miss the actual fly completely. This may explain some of the misses. It will certainly explain mine from now on!

Throughout the book Gary mentions various fly patterns. I've found many of these on his blog site, the link is at the end of Dave's article.

I'll update my thoughts once I finish reading the book.

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