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Blog > Interviews > A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film - Part One

A Conversation with Gary Borger and Fishing the Film - Part One

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 04/26/2011 (2738 reads)
This past winter the Fly Fishing Show exhibit floor in Somerset was already getting busy the first day and the my friend Keith Torok encouraged me to join as he wanted to hear Gary Borger's lecture. I have enjoyed some of Gary's books, but I never had a chance to see one of his seminars. So we darted over to the DoubleTree and got situated just as Gary got started.

jGary BorgerGary began by elaborating on the many different rise forms, trout feeding behavior and carried the seminar with a determined conversation that really intrigued me. It was interesting to hear some of his ideas that I knew I was overlooking on the water sometimes. The list of my mistakes seems to grow daily.

He shared a little more about his book "Fishing the Film" that he just released. I definitely needed to get some more info on his book.

Gary is very well known for his previous five best-selling fly fishing books, writings for numerous magazine's, consultation on “A River Runs Through It” and numerous awards. Honestly his accomplishments could fill up one of my blog posts.

He was busy traveling to Louisiana and points south fly fishing for red fish and drums. Seems like most of the cool people in the fly fishing industry head south for some part of the winter. I was pretty busy too sharping my streamer hooks (yippee) and shoveling some late winter snow, but we were finally able to find some time in March.

We got caught up in some of the things that got him started and keeps him so excited about the sport. He was quick to share one of his most memorable experience when he caught his first trout on a Leadwing Coachman as a boy of 12 growing up in Pennsylvania.

Our conversation then moved into his enjoyment when he is fly fishing in New Zealand. You could hear his excitement in just the mention of the heading to that region. He commented, "It is the opportunity to hunt and target the trout in those waters that makes it so good." You could really tell this kind of fishing had special meaning as he elaborated on the fun in going after the big 24" trout that are so common on the South Island.

Some of his travels to New Zealand and other locations helped inspire Gary his current writing project. He is working on a series of upcoming books he hopes will cover all aspects of fly fishing.

This was something that started for him over ten years ago. The original hope was to have all the big names cover a subject in a book proving a complete fly fishing series. Gary imagined himself more as the editor, but as time went by and lucky for us he found himself starting the series himself.

In the next part of this post I will share more about "Fishing the Film" and Gary's upcoming plans for the remaining series.

You can find out more about Gary Borger at his blog.
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