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Fly of the Month: Quill Gordon Crippled Real Wing

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 02/07/2011 (4203 reads)
Quill Gordon Crippled Real Wing
by Sandfly

quillBack in the late 60’s and early 70’s while fishing in the Pocono’s I fished the early season hatches there every year. The first big hatch was the Quill Gordon hatch. While the wet fly and nymph were productive the dry fly was not so productive for me. Even though I used the standard pattern I could not get consistent takes.

For years this went on and I became frustrated with the hatch. After moving to Ansonia in 2006 I found there is a heavy hatch of Quill Gordon's here at times on Pine Creek.

Again I was frustrated by the lack of surface takes on my flies I used. I experimented with different dries for the Quill Gordon with the same results. I think it was because the flies pop so fast the trout didn’t want them so much.

While sitting on the bank one day watching the hatch I saw a brown feeding on the surface. As I watched I noticed he was taking flies that were not riding high but the ones riding low in the surface. I went home and tied a few down wing flies and went back the next day.

They worked I started getting more fish on the down wing. I thought I could come up with a better fly yet and sat down and tied the Quill Gordon Crippled using raffia for the wing instead of the old standby of wood duck. Along with this I changed the body from a quill body to a dubbed dirty olive/yellow dubbing with a peacock quill rib. This did it and my catch rates went up.

Now when the Quill Gordon’s are hatching I make sure I have these in my box along with the old patterns too. Materials
Thread – Light yellow
Tail – Moose mane split
Body – (polytek) #23 iron Wing – Dun real wing (raffia)
Hook -- #10 – 14 Rib – Peacock herl rubbed with eraser
Hackle – Dark dun

Step 1
Wrap thread to bend of hook.
Wrap a small ball of thread.
Tie in tails on both sides of thread ball.
This will make a two tail design.
quill gordon

Step 2
Now tie in a stripped peacock quill.
I like to use an eraser to strip it to keep the dark coloring.
quill gordon

Step 3
Dub the body 2/3 up hook shank and wrap rib, tie off rib.
quill gordon

Step 4
Tie in hackle at thorax end of body. Add wing with a figure eight wrap.
Now dub behind and through wing area.
quill gordon

Step 5
Take two turns in back and two turns in front of wing with hackle.
Tie off and trim hackle. Finish head with thread and whip finish.
Fly is ready to go !

NOTE: You can place a small drop of flexible cement to the base and edges of wing to make it more durable.

Bob "Sandfly" Childs started fly tying and fishing in 1965 and worked part time at a fly shop in the early 70's. Was taught fly fishing and tying by Ernie Schreibert, Lee Wulff, The Darbees and the Dettes. He spent summers in sea side park with people like Bob Popivics, Ed Jaworowski and Lefty Kreh. He also worked at a few different shops over the years including Anglers Pro Shop as a fly tyer for the shop, Mainstream Outfitters as a casting and tying instructor and guided on the Delaware and New Jersey beach for 12 years as Sandfly Excursions. He moved to Tioga County five years ago and opened Big Meadows Fly Shop in 2008.
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