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Colorado Grayling

Published by Ezpickins on 10/26/2010 (5073 reads)
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If you find yourself in the Cache la Poudre canyon area and you want to do something a little different, check out Joe Wright Creek and Joe Wright Reservoir for some grayling fishing. This past August I was fortunate enough to be in the area and I did just that. It was actually a big surprise. My fishing buddy and I had hiked into a back country lake to do some fishing for native Greenback Cuts (the bite was not on). I didn’t see a single fish, my friend managed one nice specimen though. However the trip yielded some fruit when another fisherman asked whether we had tried Joe Wright Creek and Joe Wright Reservoir for grayling yet. Well, we hadn’t. Needless to say we hiked it on down to Joe Wright Creek and, jackpot.

It was some fast and furious fishing. The grayling in the small stream rose to dries readily and you could pretty much expect a hit from every fish that you cast over. It was a lot of fun – and the novelty of catching grayling (which I had never done before) made it all that much more fun. We worked our way downstream to the reservoir and hooked up with some more fish at the inlet. There was even an occasional cut thrown in for good measure.

Joe Wright Creek flows into and out of Joe Wright Reservoir which is about 33 miles east of Walden, Colorado on CO-14. The stretch of the creek where we caught grayling is above the reservoir and it’s not very long. I wouldn’t go out of my way for the grayling, but if you’re in the area to fish the Poudre. It makes a nice little diversion.

I want to thank Ezpickins for his post. He has been a member on Paflyfish for many years. He writes on CastingAround, a blog about Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and various related topics. Wild trout are his primary quarry – but he’ll go after bass and other species from time to time. I encourage you to follow his blog here.

You can also catch him on twitter here.
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Author Thread
Published: 2010/10/26 16:23  Updated: 2010/10/26 16:27
Joined: 04/25/2007
Comments: 937
 Re: Colorado Grayling
Neat. Scenery looks really nice.

Fished the Big Hole last year which has a grayling population but I got blanked on them. My buddy caught 2 of them.

I enjoy catching new species. Keeps me passionate about fly fishing.
Published: 2010/11/2 18:53  Updated: 2010/11/2 18:53
Joined: 08/24/2010
From: Hummelstown
Comments: 25
 Re: Colorado Grayling
Pardon my ignorance but what exactly is a grayling
Published: 2010/11/4 10:36  Updated: 2010/11/4 10:36
Joined: 04/12/2007
From: Pittsburgh
Comments: 14
 Re: Colorado Grayling
Grayling, like salmon, trout, char and whitefish are in the Salmonidae family of fishes. Arctic Grayling are not native to Colorado but have been stocked and are present in a few places. They take a fly nicely and are popular gamefish in many places where they are present. Sadly they are not doing well in their native range in the lower 48.
Published: 2010/11/24 10:32  Updated: 2010/11/24 10:32
Joined: 09/09/2006
Comments: 34
 Re: Colorado Grayling
I fished for a lot of these in Alaska. They will hit just about anything and are beautiful fish. They are not overly large but are about the best tasting fish I have ever had.

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