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Lehigh River Online Trout Survey

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 04/18/2010 (4320 reads)
The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) has been stocking fingerling rainbow and brown trout throughout the Lehigh River for a few years now. In the spring of 2009 the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission initiated a study to determine the contribution of hatchery fingerling trout stocking to angler catch in at the Francis E Walter outflow to confluence Sandy Run and the confluence Sandy Run to relic dam above Palmerton of the Lehigh River. They are now entering a phase where they will try to assess the viability of the program. Over the past year we have seen some amazing growth rate for fingerling trout, rainbows in particular, and we are hopeful that the PFBC will find that the trout that they have been stocking will have a positive influence on the fishery.

trout finYour help is needed, in addition to survey boxes located at many popular fishing spots along the river we have created an online reporting system located here.

If you catch any trout while fishing the Lehigh River, please take the time to report your catch and also pay attention for fin clips while fishing as these will help to assess if/when the fish may have been stocked by the PFBC or other organizations such as the LRSA.

Snail mail cards are located at the aforementioned boxes located at some of the more popular fishing locations and angler log books can be downloaded from the PFBC PDF here.

Thanks to Tim Skoraszewski and Paul Kanaskie at Rivers Outdoor Adventures and all the members of the Lehigh Coldwater Fishery Alliance and Lehigh River Stocking Association for their conservation efforts on the Lehigh River.
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Author Thread
Published: 2010/4/19 9:43  Updated: 2010/4/19 9:43
Joined: 04/25/2007
Comments: 910
 1 fin clipped trout ah-ah-ah, 2 fin clipped trout ah-ah-ah
Good luck.
They just started doing that on the Lil J too.

I have fished the J 5 days this year so far and have not caught a fin clipped trout yet.
Published: 2010/4/19 11:33  Updated: 2010/4/19 11:33
Joined: 09/08/2006
Comments: 1272
 Re: 1 fin clipped trout ah-ah-ah, 2 fin clipped trout a...
acristickid I would then like to formally request that you spend more time fishing.
Published: 2010/4/20 8:31  Updated: 2010/4/20 8:31
Joined: 04/25/2007
Comments: 910
 Laundrys done.
Dave- will do.

Heading to Kettle as soon as rush hour calms down.
Published: 2010/4/21 1:05  Updated: 2010/4/21 1:05
Joined: 06/19/2007
Comments: 4
 Re: Lehigh River Online Trout Survey
Mucho Thanks for giving this some front window space! I appreciate you taking your time to help our cause.

There are many who regard the Lehigh as a nothing but a put and take fishery and do not realize what a transformation it has taken. This river needs our help, it may not be perfect but it has amazing potential and we have had many heavenly days on it catching some awesome fish, witnessing some crazy hatches, and getting spoiled in general. Props go out to Jake Markezin and Dean Druckenmiller as well, these guys put a lot of their personal time into the LCFA to make the Lehigh a better fishery and resource for everyone. In addition, I'd like to say that if you have a good time fishing on the Lehigh don't just stop at a survey card - write a short message to the PFBC and let them know that you enjoyed the Lehigh and the quality and experience that is unique to this river. The PFBC has been listening and trying to figure out how to maximize the potential of this river. It's a big river, it's not an easy task, it won't happen overnight but it's well worth the effort.

Check our reports from last year and you will see that our catch of clipped fish was very good and growth rates of clipped fish were on the brink of unbelievable. I'm sure the fish have spread out over the winter and spring so we prolly won't find them in the big pods that we did last year but we were impressed. I hope you have similar experiences on the Little J.

Whew!, that was a long comment!

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