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Something a little wild in the water

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 04/13/2010 (5085 reads)
Wild Trout Streams are a secret treasure for many fly fisherman in Pennsylvania. Many anglers hold a certain reverence for the quiet and often secluded opportunity they provide. With over 500 wild trout streams and well over 1,000 miles of water these hidden gems are a different kind of stream for fly-fishing. Some of these streams are unnamed or are tributaries of lesser waters. Rarely mentioned by name or found on many maps, this intimate experience also comes with greater stewardship and responsibility for those that take on these waters.

wild trout streamThe fly fishing experience in these backwoods areas are often regarded as one of self reliance and stealth. These small streams can provide a surprising opportunity to explore and uncover trout in a more wilderness environment. Much of the experience is not only finding these streams, but then learning the secrets of what makes these wild trout so illusive.

The Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) defines Class A Wild Trout Streams as: "Streams that support a population of naturally produced trout of sufficient size and abundance to support a long‐term and rewarding sport fishery." The PFBC’s manages these stream sections for the the growth of the wild trout fishery with natural reproduction and no stocking. These streams can hold brook trout, brown trout or both species.

The PFBC is considering changes to its list of Class A Wild Trout Streams. At the next Commission meeting on April 19 and 20, 2010, the Commission will consider changes to its list of wild trout streams. Specifically, the Commission will consider the addition of over 80 new streams or changes to current watts of streams to the list.

So if you want to get a little wild try something new, it may be in your backyard.
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Author Thread
Published: 2010/4/13 14:44  Updated: 2010/4/13 14:44
Joined: 10/18/2006
From: Patterson twp, Pa (Beaver Falls)
Comments: 366
 Re: Something a little wild in the water
Sweet pic you got there Dave... that photographer is very talented!!! lol

Nice little write up. It seems every year I fly fish, I tend to seek after more of those little trickles of water that are full of wild fish!
Published: 2010/4/13 15:47  Updated: 2010/4/13 15:47
Joined: 04/24/2009
From: South Jersey
Comments: 504
 Re: Something a little wild in the water
I love to fish those little streams others think to small or remote to bother with.

Published: 2010/4/13 18:03  Updated: 2010/4/13 18:03
Joined: 09/08/2006
Comments: 1247
 Re: Something a little wild in the water

It is a super photograph!!

I think the fun in so many of these wild trout streams is the exploration.
Published: 2010/4/14 10:49  Updated: 2010/4/14 10:49
Joined: 02/13/2008
From: West Lawn, PA
Comments: 23
 Re: Something a little wild in the water

Please don't label them. Let the streams be a mystery. I know we need to have license sales to support fishery management but is it necessary for so many to be labeled? The best discovery of a wild trout stream is no one else there. :) I guess I am selfish.

Ps - great article!
Published: 2010/4/20 13:02  Updated: 2010/4/20 13:02
Joined: 06/04/2007
From: Northampton County
Comments: 8
 Re: Something a little wild in the water
well said sholgate. I agree with you 100% i just started hitting the wild streams 2years ago and nothing is better than getting out and fishing them. You never run into anyone you don't run into garbage all over the banks. Its like you go back in time and your in the woods by yourself. Labeling them will just bring attention to them attention to them that will only hurt the trout in the streams. The people that do pass the knowledge on to those close to them and the cycle continues. Most people don't know how to fish and it really irks me. I hate seeing people show up to the creek with a 7foot spinning pole with a giant reel and 12lb test fishing, dont even get me started on the size of the hooks they use...

Lets keep it in the hands of the die hard knowledgeable fishermen. Not the people that show up after the stocking truck pulls out and think once they stop stocking trout they are all caught thus no more reason to fish. Keep them in the public known streams please.
Published: 2010/4/21 16:27  Updated: 2010/4/21 16:27
Joined: 04/26/2007
From: Enola, Pa
Comments: 18
 Re: Something a little wild in the water
I suggest that all these streams should be posted as wild trout enhancement and no fish should be harvested. Once someone knows about it they be there fishing and filling up their creel.
Published: 2010/4/25 9:55  Updated: 2010/4/25 9:55
Joined: 01/10/2010
From: Midlothian, VA
Comments: 4
 Re: Something a little wild in the water
I agree, scottrum. I enjoy those streams where the terrain is too rough or remote for others to venture off to. I do enjoy the untouched outdoors and the solitude that goes with it. I also enjoy the challenge involved in 'sneaking-up' on and enticing a wild trout. Having them 'not named' seems a little harsh, but allowing no harvest or little harvest would definitely deter most, if not all, 'less serious' sportsman. Heck, I'm almost positive that the 'less serious' sportsman wouldn't have the skill to catch these wild trout! Also, I don't even think that the stream I fish the most is even managed by the PBFC (it's seen some AMD in the far past, but's nearly pristine now).
Published: 2010/7/3 7:15  Updated: 2010/7/3 7:15
Joined: 07/01/2010
From: NW pa
Comments: 4
 Re: Something a little wild in the water
Absolutly. I am headed out to some wild places this weekend to catch some wild fish...One reason I do it...No one is out there.

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