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Blog > Interviews > Chuck Furimsky Interview of International Fly Tyers Symposium -

Chuck Furimsky Interview of International Fly Tyers Symposium -

Published by Dave Kile [davekile] on 11/17/2009 (5273 reads)
Chuck FurimskyProfile Overview: Chuck is an avid fly fisherman and fly tier. He is the sole director of the International Fly Tyers Symposium. He designs flies for Raineys Flies, and had developed a tying material made from leather called Bugskin.


1 - Dave: Please tell me how and when you got started into fly-fishing.
Chuck: I started in Fly Fishing seriously when I attended college, Penn State, and took the George Harvey fly fishing course in the physical education dept. It was the first Credited course offered at any University and it changed my life.

2 - Dave: Tell me what inspired you to create the International Fly Tying Symposium and The Fly Fishing Show.
Chuck: A fly fishing club of volunteers had a fly fishing show in Southfield, Michigan, that I attended. It was such a long drive I thought I could start one where I owned two retail stores at Seven Springs Mt. Resort. That was my first event that started it all for me. Now, after twenty years later, I’ve done many shows, none near by, so I’m traveling even further today. 3 - Dave: What is your proudest accomplishment as a result of the shows?
Chuck: My proudest accomplishment as a result of the shows is to see unknown tiers get exposure and become famous because of their skill. The networking at the shows brings out talent that might have been stalled if they only demonstrate in their basement or garage.

4 - Dave: What has changed the most about fly tying over the past ten years.
Chuck: Fly Tying has changed because there are more and better materials than ever before, especially the synthetics. And there is, of course, so much to see and share over the web, which connects fly patterns and tiers all around the world.

5- Dave: Tell me what would be the most import advice to offer someone just getting started into fly tying?
Chuck: My advice is to take a class or befriend a good tier. Buy a ticket to one of my shows, too!

6 - Dave: What is your most memorable fly-fishing experience?
Chuck: My most memorable fly-fishing experience is landing a 100lb sailfish after half of my rod slid down the line and was finally put back, as the fish jumped and it slid back toward me. The Mate reached for the tip twisted it back to the butt, and I landed the fish.

7 - Dave: Tell me about your favorite fly-fishing location?
Chuck: My favorite fly-fishing location is-wait a minute-I’m not telling!

8 - Dave: Tell me what you think has been the biggest positive change for fly-fishing in Pennsylvania over the past five to ten years.
Chuck: In Pennsylvania the delayed harvest areas are a big boost to participation and allows spin fisherman to see how fly fisherman can catch and release fish.

9 - Dave: What would like to see happen to help improve fly-fishing in Pennsylvania.
Chuck: Pennsylvania should re-think their stocking policy. Larger fish are needed in certain waters, none in certain waters, and overall need float stocked by dedicated clubs and not all dumped at bridges.

10 - Dave: What final advice or tips do you have for those just getting started into the sport?
Chuck: To those getting started I would learn how to cast, and then practice. Get some help from a shop, instructor, or a show, of course.

11 - Dave: Where can everyone find you on the Internet?
Chuck: I prefer to speak directly with people, but my shows are on the web at and
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Another well executed interview Dave. It sounds like Chuck had a bit of a sense of humor. You continue to provide some good connections to local influences on our sport with your interviews.


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