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PFBC Meeting for October 5-6

Published by Dave Kile [davekile] on 09/25/2009 (1993 reads)
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The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has been pretty quiet over the last year with news releases. Not sure of the of the reason, but like many things I am sure the economy has something to do with it.

Here is a link to the Minutes and Agenda for the upcoming meeting October 5-6. Be sure to keep informed and provide your voice.

The one topic of strong interest to many anglers will be the removal of Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only Designation on Fishing Creek. Not sure there is much to say, but it would be nice to hear how to resolve this issues in the future and add back to what we have to give up.

"The Commission implemented Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only regulations on Fishing Creek, Section 04, beginning with the 2002 season. The project currently extends approximately 0.7 miles from the upstream Kriebel property line downstream to a point located 180 yards upstream from the Benton Borough line. Most of the riparian area along the project is a farm field that belongs to a single landowner. A new owner purchased this field in the spring of 2009 and posted it against public access. All efforts by staff, a local official and local sportsmen’s groups to change the new owner’s mind have failed." - PFBC
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Published: 2009/10/1 9:23  Updated: 2009/10/1 9:42
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 Re: PFBC Meeting for October 5-6
Well, I know who has his hands in that property. Donny Beaver.

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Look at the map the his big yellow dot on Columbia County is right where the DH-ALO section is. Hmmmm.... Barry and Cathy Beck live on St. Gabriel's Road just outside of Benton. I know they where mixed into DonnyBeav's SRC. I bet they had something to do with it too!

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