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Which Opening Day Region are you from and will you fish Opening Day?
Let us know which Region of PA you are from (based on the regional Opening Day). And whether or not you will fish opening day. Please limit your votes to two selections.
Ended at 2017/4/15 8:55
I live in the South East Regional area 27 % 27 % (67)
I live in the Northeast Regional area 9 % 9 % (23)
I will fish Opening Day in the NE Region 4/15 8 % 8 % (22)
I will fish Opening Day in the SE Region 4/1 8 % 8 % (22)
I will fish both the NE and SE Regional Opening Days 8 % 8 % (22)
I will not fish either Opening Day 36 % 36 % (89)
Total Votes: 245
Total Voters: 171

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Author Thread
Published: 2017/3/2 11:03  Updated: 2017/3/2 11:03
Joined: 04/24/2009
From: South Jersey
Comments: 499
 Fishing the opener
I have never fished opening day in PA. I always targeted the third week in April as my first outing.
Published: 2017/3/3 20:30  Updated: 2017/3/3 20:30
Joined: 07/27/2011
From: Peasant Gap
Comments: 37
 "First Day of Trout"
I can fish for wild trout 365 days a year on many great waters. I'm not sure why I would want to fight a circus like crowd 1 day a year for stocked fish. For you guys that are going, have fun and be safe
Published: 2017/3/6 7:54  Updated: 2017/3/6 7:54
Joined: 09/07/2016
From: Easton, PA
Comments: 60
 "First Day"
I fish for trout 12 months of the year, so there is not really any opening day for me. I will almost certainly be fishing somewhere on both those days, although I'll be staying away from the ATW crowds.
Published: 2017/3/19 17:15  Updated: 2017/3/19 17:15
Joined: 09/26/2012
From: Berks County
Comments: 73
 Re: "First Day"
Pretty much the same as the last two guys. I'll be out but most likely at a DHALO. I also fish all year long so no opening day for me either. Besides that atmosphere is just not my cup of tea.
Published: 2017/3/21 15:41  Updated: 2017/3/21 15:41
Joined: 11/02/2006
Comments: 1704
 Opening Day Poll
I usually fish on opening day, but on unstocked wild trout streams. BTW, there is a SE opening day. But there isn't a NE opening day. That is more accurately called the Rest of the State Opening Day.
Published: 2017/3/21 16:37  Updated: 2017/3/21 16:37
Joined: 12/03/2006
From: Mechanicsburg, Pa
Comments: 189
 Right in the middle of it
I will be there with the hordes. Sort of a challenge and an excercise to see how low someone will go to snatch a fish from underneath of you. The exploits of the 'bucketeers" are always amusing and nothing like seeing the disgruntle look of the stringer crowd as I catch and release 20 fish after they have abandoned the same hole five minutes earlier :) Last year the political commentary was hysterical!

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