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Southcentral Streams

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 03/07/2010 (58317 reads)

Southcentral Region

Southcentral Pennsylvania Special Regulation Trout Streams

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York County Special Regulations Featured Stream

Muddy Creek - Catch and Release Fly-Fishing Only - 1.6 miles; From 300 yards downstream of Bruce Road bridge (T-628) in Bruce downstream to 300 yards upstream of Bridgeton Road (SR 2032) bridge in Bridgeton.


by Maurice Chioda

This southeastern York County freestone stream begins its journey to the Susquehanna River at the town of Muddy Creek Forks at the confluence of the North and South Branches. The Muddy Creek Forks building complex includes a general store and a roller mill with an operating train along about three miles of narrow-gauge railroad. The MA & PA Railroad Preservation Society operates the train and store that is open Sundays in the summer, and tours are conducted of the historic store and roller mill. The train is also utilized in the spring for stocking the North Branch from above High Rock to below the MC Forks, a total length of about 3 miles. Anyone is welcome to help with stocking and enjoy a rustic train ride all at the same time. 

Access - is excellent here with parking across from the MC Forks General Store. One can enjoy fishing here about a mile downstream or up either branch, about a mile on the South Branch and several on the North Branch.


Below the Forks the Muddy Creek enters a gorge with broken access about a mile below the forks and picking back up at 300 yards below Bruce Station where the C&R Fly Fishing Only Area begins. Access and parking here are obtained on a sharp curve on Bruce Road at the Special Regulations signs. This rugged access area is not for the faint of heart. The fly area represents a cross section of Muddy Creeks characteristics. The upper and lower thirds of the fly area have long flat pools with the middle third, where Toms Run enters, holds the most pocket water with a rapid gradient change. Parking and access picks up again at the lower fly area in Bridgeton where more parking is available. This popular section is bordered on the upper half on the south side by a state game land hunting area. However access from the SGL is a long haul.

From the wire above the Bridgeton Bridge, open water under general regulations begins again with the reach between Bridgeton and Woodbine, the only section bordering a road, being the easiest access. Below Woodbine the main stem picks up Bald Eagle Creek, another approved trout water and Orson Run, to form a larger river flowing through a deep narrow gorge with some beautiful country rivaling upstate streams. The approved trout waters end at the power line 1.6 miles below Woodbine. Stocking by the F&BC and Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited keeps the stream fishable year round. Brown trout and rainbows are the species of choice for stocking with browns showing some reproduction on tributaries. MCTU's co-op nursery stocks over 6,000 brown trout to help supplement the state stockings.  Brown trout hold over reasonably well over summer but as with most freestone streams temperatures can limit fishing opportunities in the summer months. Temperatures over 70 degrees can be lethal to even brown trout and adding the stress of C&R fishing can make it worse.

Hatches - include a nice early black stonefly hatch in #14 - #20 from late January to early April usually on sunny days. Mayfly hatches are sporadic at best but a lucky fly angler can happen on a burst of Quill Gordons in April, March Browns, several sizes of Sulfurs in May and Cahills into June. Olives in sizes 14 thru 20 are sporadic as well but can be effective if you hit it right. In fall Slate Drakes make for a good fishing as the trout try to fatten up for winter and pre spawning activities.  The more consistent Caddis hatches of tan through spring and summer and a very nice October Cinnamon Caddis hatch round out the macro-invertebrate life. Terrestrial insects are effective on this large freestone during the summer. Ants, beetles, small hoppers and crickets are favorites of the brown trout that survive the spring and summer harvest.  Streamers such as gray ghosts, hornbergs, muddlers, black nose dace, and mickey finns, as well as all sorts of wooly buggers are especially good during higher water and in the spring.

Muddy Creek can be an enjoyable distraction from the SC regional limestone streams. Its name can be a misnomer as it runs crystal clear other than after storms, where it truly is a muddy creek. Other than the SGL and MC Forks, the balance of the riparian land is on private property and access is granted by the grace of landowners. Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited works to restore and protect its home stream through the dedication of its members and partnerships with the landowners and businesses. Enjoy fishing Muddy Creek, help at a stocking or workday to further improve and restore the stream corridor. And remember to respect its wild trout by practicing Catch and Release.

Southcentral Pennsylvania Approved Trout Streams by County


Bermudian Creek -- Carbaugh Run -- Conewago Creek (SR 0234 Bridge downstream to SR 3001) -- Conococheague Creek -- East Branch Antietam Creek -- Latimore Creek -- Little Marsh Creek -- Marsh Creek (SR 3011 downstream to SR 0030) -- Middle Creek -- Opossum Creek -- Toms Creek (Mount Hope Road Bridge (T-300) downstream to SR 0116) -- Waynesboro Reservoir

Big Spring Creek -- Childrens Lake (Boiling Springs) -- Doubling Gap Lake -- Fuller Lake -- Green Spring Creek -- Laurel Lake -- Middle Spring Creek -- Mountain Creek -- Yellow Breeches Creek

Armstrong Creek -- Clark Creek -- Mahantango Creek -- Manada Creek -- Middletown Reservoir -- Opossum Creek Lake -- Pine Creek -- Powell Creek -- Rattling Creek -- South Fork Powell Creek -- Stony Creek -- West Branch Rattling Creek -- Wiconisco Creek

Buck Run (Dickeys Run) -- Carbaugh Run -- Conococheague Creek (Birch Run Reservoir downstream to Boyers Mill Road Bridge (T-481)) -- Conodoguinet Creek (confluence with Bear Valley Run downstream to SR 0997) -- Dennis Creek -- East Branch Antietam Creek -- Falling Spring Branch -- Letterkenny Reservoir -- Little Cove Creek -- Rowe Run -- West Branch Antietam Creek -- West Branch Conococheague Creek (Amberson Road Bridge (SR 4005) downstream to US 30 Bridge at Fort Loudon)

Big Run -- Blacklog Creek -- Cocolamus Creek -- Delaware Creek -- East Licking Creek -- Horning Run -- Horse Valley Run -- Laurel Run (Liberty Valley Run) -- Lost Creek (SR 0035 Bridge upstream of confluence with Little Lost Creek at Oakland Mills downstream to mouth) -- Tuscarora Creek (county line downstream to confluence with Horse Valley Run in East Waterford) -- West Branch Mahantango Creek

Bachman Run -- Conewago Creek -- Hammer Creek -- Indiantown Run -- Lions Lake -- Marquette Lake -- Mill Creek -- Quittapahilla Creek -- Snitz Creek -- Stoevers Dam -- Trout Run -- Tulpehocken Creek

East Licking Creek

Bixler Run -- Buffalo Creek (Heritage Hills Road Bridge (T-326) downstream to SR 0849 Bridge downstream of Walnut Grove) -- Bull Run -- Fishing Creek -- Fowler Hollow Run -- Horse Valley Run -- Laurel Run (Liberty Valley Run) -- Little Buffalo Creek (Mannsville Road Bridge (SR 4003) downstream to mouth) -- Little Juniata Creek -- McCabe Run -- Montour Creek -- Panther Creek -- Raccoon Creek -- Sherman Creek (lower Tuscarora State Forest boundary downstream to Couchtown Road Bridge (SR 3008) at Cisna Run) -- Shultz Creek (Browns Run)

Bald Eagle Creek -- Beaver Creek -- Blymire Hollow Run -- Codorus Creek (Tannery Road (T-399) downstream to confluence with West Branch Codorus Creek) -- Deer Creek -- East Branch Codorus Creek -- Fishing Creek (trib to Susquehanna River near Craley) -- Fishing Creek (trib to Susquehanna River near Goldsboro) -- Leibs Creek -- Muddy Creek (confluence of North Branch Muddy Creek and South Branch Muddy Creek downstream to power line crossing 1.6 miles downstream of SR 0425 in Woodbine) -- North Branch Muddy Creek -- Otter Creek -- Sawmill Run -- Sheppard Myers Dam -- South Branch Codorus Creek -- South Branch Muddy Creek -- Yellow Breeches Creek

Beaver Creek -- Bobs Creek -- Clear Creek -- Cove Creek -- Evitts Creek -- Gladdens Run -- Little Wills Creek -- Maple Run -- Raystown Branch Juniata River (county line downstream to confluence with Shobers Run) -- Sherman Valley Run -- Shobers Run -- Three Springs Run -- Town Creek -- Wills Creek (county line downstream to B & O Railroad Bridge about 1.0 mile downstream of Hyndman) -- Yellow Creek

Bald Eagle Creek -- Beaverdam Creek -- Bells Gap Run -- Blair Gap Run -- Canoe Creek -- Canoe Lake -- Clover Creek (SR 2005 Bridge at Henrietta downstream to Larke Road Bridge near Larke) -- Frankstown Branch Juniata River (confluence with Pine Run near Claysburg downstream to confluence with Halter Creek near East Freedom) -- Poplar Run -- Riggles Gap Run -- South Poplar Run -- Vanscoyoc Run

Cove Creek -- Cowans Gap Lake -- Laurel Fork -- Licking Creek (SR 0522 Bridge downstream to confluence with Baby Run at Soliam Church) -- Little Aughwick Creek -- Little Brush Creek -- Little Tonoloway Creek (Moss Road Bridge (T-318) downstream to SR 0655 Bridge) -- North Branch Little Aughwick Creek -- Oregon Creek -- Sideling Hill Creek (confluence of Oregon Creek and Laurel Fork downstream to intersection of SR 4013 and SR 0913) -- South Branch Little Aughwick Creek -- Spring Run -- Wooden Bridge Creek

Blacklog Creek (from county line downstream to confluence with Shade Creek) -- Globe Run -- Great Trough Creek (Newburg Park Road Bridge (T-370) downstream to 200 yards downstream of dam) -- Greenwood Lake -- Hares Valley Creek -- Laurel Run -- North Branch Little Aughwick Creek (Nine Mile Creek) -- North Spring Branch -- Perez Lake -- Saddler Creek -- Shade Creek -- Shaver Creek (from DeArmitts Mill upstream to University Dam-Perez Lake) -- Standing Stone Creek (Penn Roosevelt Dam downstream to power line crossing 400 yards downstream of SR 0026 Black’s Bridge) -- Three Springs Creek -- Tuscarora Creek -- West Licking Creek -- Whipple Lake

East Licking Creek -- Havice Creek -- Honey Creek (from the lower boundary of the Delayed Harvest Area downstream to SR 1002 Bridge 0.5 mile downstream of confluence with Treaster Run) -- Kishacoquillas Creek (Bunker Road Bridge (T-340) downstream to railroad Bridge at Yeagertown and Mill Street Bridge downstream to mouth) -- Lingle Creek -- Meadow Creek -- Musser Run -- Strodes Run -- Swift Run -- Treaster Run -- West Licking Creek

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