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Northcentral Streams

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 03/07/2010 (49352 reads)

Northcentral Region

Northcentral Special Regulation Trout Streams

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Northcentral Pennsylvania Approved Trout Streams by County

Brooks Run -- Clear Creek -- Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek -- East Branch Cowley Run -- East Branch Hicks Run -- First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek -- Hicks Run -- Mix Run -- North Creek -- Sinnemahoning Portage Creek -- Stevenson Reservoir -- Upper Jerry Run -- West Branch Cowley Run -- West Branch Hicks Run -- Wykoff Run

Bald Eagle Creek (T-305 near Port Matilda downstream to 0.5 mile downstream of Boggs-Howard Township line) -- Black Moshannon Creek -- Boy Scout Dam -- Cold Stream (from outflow of Cold Stream Dam upstream 1.0 mile to the power line crossing) -- Cold Stream Dam -- Eddy Lick Run -- Little Fishing Creek (SR 0064 Bridge near Hublersburg downstream to county line) -- Marsh Creek -- Mountain Branch -- Penns Creek (SR 0045 Bridge in Spring Mills downstream to confluence with Elk Creek) -- Pine Creek (Stony Run Road Bridge downstream to first bridge on Pine Creek Road) -- Poe Creek -- Poe Lake -- Sinking Creek -- Sixmile Run -- South Fork Beech Creek -- Wallace Run -- White Deer Creek -- Wolf Run

Anderson Creek -- Beaver Run -- Bennett Branch Sinnemahoning Creek -- Chest Creek -- Curry Run -- East Branch Mahoning Creek (confluence with Beech Run downstream to county line) -- Gazzam Run -- Gifford Run -- Goss Run Dam -- Hockenberry Run -- Jack Dent Branch -- Janesville Dam -- Laborde Branch -- Laurel Run (trib to East Branch Mahoning Creek) -- Little Clearfield Creek -- Little Muddy Run -- Medix Run -- Moose Creek -- North Witmer Run -- Parker Lake -- South Witmer Run -- Tannery Dam -- West Branch Susquehanna River (SR 1001 Bridge near Hyde downstream to first Railroad Bridge downstream of the confluence with Moose Creek) -- Wilson Run -- Wolf Run (county line to mouth)

Baker Run -- Cooks Run -- Fishing Creek (confluence with Cedar Run downstream to mouth) -- Greenlick Run -- Hyner Run -- Kettle Creek (county line downstream to Owl Hollow) -- Kettle Creek Lake -- Left Branch Young Womans Creek -- Little Fishing Creek -- Long Run -- Rauchtown Creek -- Right Branch Hyner Run -- Young Womans Creek

Beaver Run (Moyers Farm downstream to mouth) -- Mugser Run -- Roaring Creek -- Scotch Run -- South Branch Roaring Creek

Bear Creek -- Belmouth Run -- Big Mill Creek -- Boggy Run -- Byrnes Run -- Crooked Creek -- East Branch Clarion River -- East Branch Hicks Run -- East Branch Millstone Creek -- East Branch Spring Creek -- Elk Creek -- Hicks Run -- Hoffman Run -- Laurel Run Reservoir -- Little Toby Creek -- Maxwell Run -- Mead Run -- Medix Run -- Millstone Creek -- Mix Run -- Powers Run -- Ridgway Reservoir -- Rocky Run -- Spring Creek -- Twin Lakes -- West Branch Clarion River -- West Branch Hicks Run -- West Branch Millstone Creek -- Wilson Run -- Wolf Run

Big Run (trib to Little Sandy Creek) -- Big Run (trib to Mahoning Creek) -- Callen Run -- Canoe Creek -- Cathers Run -- Clear Creek -- Clear Run -- Cloe Lake -- East Branch Mahoning Creek -- Five Mile Run (trib to Sandy Lick Creek) -- Horm Run -- Laurel Run (trib to East Branch Mahoning Creek) -- Little Sandy Creek -- Little Toby Creek -- Mill Creek (trib to Clarion River) -- Mill Creek (trib to Sandy Lick Creek) -- North Fork Redbank Creek -- Pekin Run -- Rattlesnake Creek -- Rattlesnake Run -- Redbank Creek -- Sandy Lick Creek -- Walburn Run -- Wolf Run

Hoagland Run -- Larrys Creek (water company filtration plant downstream to 1 mile downstream of confluence with First Fork Larrys Creek) -- Little Bear Creek -- Little Muncy Creek (SR 0118 Bridge downstream to confluence with Big Run) -- Little Pine Creek -- Little Pine Lake -- Loyalsock Creek (county line downstream to SR 0973) -- Lycoming Creek (confluence with Roaring Branch downstream to confluence with Hoagland Run) -- Mill Creek (Warrensville, 0.5 mile upstream of T-846 Bridge downstream to SR 2039 Bridge downstream of Warrensville) -- Muncy Creek (county line downstream to confluence with Little Muncy Creek) -- Pine Creek (county line downstream to confluence with Little Pine Creek) -- Pleasant Stream -- Rock Run (trib to Lycoming Creek) -- Spring Creek -- Upper Pine Bottom Run -- White Deer Hole Creek

Allegheny River (county line downstream to confluence with Allegheny Portage Creek) -- Bell Run -- Bradford Reservoir No. 3 (Marilla Reservoir) -- Brewer Run -- Chappel Fork -- Combs Creek -- East Branch Tionesta Creek -- Hamlin Lake -- Havens Run -- Kinzua Creek -- Marvin Creek -- North Branch Sugar Run -- Potato Creek (confluence of East Branch Potato Creek and Havens Run downstream to confluence with Marvin Creek) -- Red Mill Brook -- Sartwell Creek (county line to mouth) -- Sevenmile Run -- Skinner Creek -- South Branch Kinzua Creek -- Sugar Run -- Twomile Run -- West Branch Clarion River -- West Branch Potato Creek -- Willow Creek

Mahoning Creek -- Mauses Creek -- Roaring Creek

Little Shamokin Creek -- Mahantango Creek -- Schwaben Creek -- South Branch Roaring Creek -- Zerbe Twp Rod & Gun Club Pond

Allegheny River -- Bailey Run -- Bell Run -- Big Moores Run -- Cowanesque River -- East Branch Cowley Run -- East Branch Fishing Creek -- East Fork Sinnemahoning Creek -- Elevenmile Creek -- First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek -- Fishing Creek -- Freeman Run -- Genesee River -- Kettle Creek -- Little Kettle Creek -- Lyman Lake -- Lyman Run -- Middle Branch Genesee River -- Oswayo Creek (confluence with Clara Creek downstream to Sharon Center Bridge (T-372)) -- Pine Creek -- Sartwell Creek -- South Branch Oswayo Creek -- South Woods Branch -- West Branch Cowley Run -- West Branch Genesee River -- West Branch Pine Creek

Kern Run -- Middle Creek (headwaters downstream to 0.5 mile downstream of SR 0522 Bridge at Middleburg) -- North Branch Mahantango Creek -- North Branch Middle Creek -- South Branch Middle Creek -- Swift Run -- West Branch Mahantango Creek

Asaph Run -- Beechwood Lake -- Corey Creek -- Cowanesque River (county line downstream to confluence with Troupes Creek) -- East Branch Stony Fork -- Lake Hamilton -- Long Run (trib to Pine Creek) -- Marsh Creek (SR 3024 downstream to mouth) -- Mill Creek -- Pine Creek -- Seeley Creek -- Stony Fork -- Tioga River (county line downstream to confluence with Fall Brook)

Buffalo Creek (T-366 Bridge downstream to confluence with Rapid Run) -- Halfway Lake -- Laurel Run -- North Branch Buffalo Creek -- Penns Creek (0.3 mile downstream of confluence with Cherry Run downstream to SR 0235 Bridge in Glen Iron) -- Rapid Run -- Spring Creek -- Spruce Run -- White Deer Creek

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