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Wild Lancaster Brown
Wild Lancaster BrownPopular
SubmittersalmonoidMore Photos from salmonoid   CategoryFish   Last Update2008/12/1 22:10
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A wee bit of a fish, caught in a wee bit of a stream, Thanksgiving morning..

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Author Thread
Published: 2008/12/3 19:35  Updated: 2008/12/3 19:35
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Lancaster County
Comments: 1911
 Re: Wild Lancaster Brown
Very nice and i think i know exactly where you are in that pic
Published: 2008/12/6 22:06  Updated: 2008/12/6 22:06
Joined: 06/19/2007
From: Lancaster County
Comments: 1100
 Re: Wild Lancaster Brown
You probably do.. It was not an overly productive day, one fish landed each for my brother and I. The two strong hits I had were in similar type stretches of water. If you look to the right of me, in the stream, you can see what looks like little leaves in the film of the water. These were clogged up in the middle of the stream, under a branch, and this fellow charged out from them and nailed the wooly bugger that I was dangling at the edge of the cover. I missed another one downstream about a mile, where a tree had fell in the water and was collecting leaves and stuff, creating a cover similar to this.
Published: 2009/4/22 16:14  Updated: 2009/4/22 16:14
Joined: 04/22/2009
From: Lancaster, PA
Comments: 4
 Re: Wild Lancaster Brown

i'm from lancaster too, brand new fly fisherman.

i have fly fished in hammer creek(caught one and about 3 ft to go he escaped, worse feeling, i was using some cheap nymph i bought at kmart)
also fished octoraro(both sides with better flies, woolly buggers) no luck there. but had a nice convo with a few amish ;)

caught plenty of trout with spinning reel especially in big elk creek down in southern chester co.. and in trout run near pequea(caught two brookies about the the size of that brown right at the rail road bridge, looked really wild but not sure. also caught a big fat stockie there once, rainbow)

anywhere else worth going in lancaster?

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