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SubmitterBrownie101More Photos from Brownie101   CategoryStreams   Last Update2015/3/24 19:49
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Got out to a few local streams for the first time last week.

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Published: 2015/3/26 19:42  Updated: 2015/3/26 19:42
Joined: 02/16/2013
From: Northern VA
Comments: 747
Putting trees across the creek to make fishing difficult, are we? Lol kidding, but curious when that ended up there. Was there anyone home in there?
Published: 2015/3/26 22:31  Updated: 2015/3/26 22:34
Joined: 08/21/2012
From: SEPA
Comments: 41
I was wandering about that myself honestly, lol. It wasn't there when I was there last in October, I figured it just washed down. BTW I took this on Sunday, and when I got upstream a bit from this pool I heard some loud banging, sounded like someone taking a hammer to a rock. I sort of snuck up a little to see what he was doing, but I really couldn't tell WTH the guy was doing. Putting a fire pit together maybe? I've seen one near where the guy was before. I ended up just turning around and walking back. Kind of a bummer, fishing was pretty good. That's the first time I've ever seen a person near this stream.

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