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Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors
Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish   Last Update2013/9/27 23:17
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Author Thread
Published: 2013/9/28 13:01  Updated: 2013/9/28 13:01
Joined: 08/21/2012
From: SEPA
Comments: 41
 Re: Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors
Wow, that's a beautiful fish. I love how browns get that rusty orange stomach on them in the fall.
Published: 2013/9/29 20:19  Updated: 2013/9/29 20:19
Joined: 07/31/2010
From: SCPA
Comments: 58
 Re: Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors
I hate you :)
Published: 2013/9/29 23:06  Updated: 2013/9/29 23:06
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Gettysburg
Comments: 439
 Re: Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors
Very nice fish - a biggie and a beauty.
Published: 2013/9/30 12:26  Updated: 2013/9/30 12:26
Joined: 07/04/2010
From: cambria county
Comments: 133
 Re: Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors
thats a heck of a brown, what'd he take?
Published: 2013/9/30 15:05  Updated: 2013/9/30 15:05
Joined: 02/12/2013
From: Centralia
Comments: 29
 Re: Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors
This was caught on a black conehead bunny zonker at the Letort vey close range (right in the white water of the falls). This fish survived being stranded at the falls without enough water flow to jump/migrate upstream. I released it just above the falls. Although, it was not a classic Letort wild brown, which I have been told have very few dots, it did have a blue dot behind its eye. I have caught similarly colored fish upstream before.

This summer was particularly a difficult year for the browns migrating back into the Letort. Low flows resulted in many large fish not surviving. (You may have read threads regarding the Conodoguinet flows being unusually low...close to history lows). They were stranded awaiting thunderstorms that never quite made it passable except for brief periods of storm surge. During the could witness small and monster fish jumping the falls feet away from where you were standing. Additionally, a carlisle bait shop was telling people it was a "hot" spot. Despite my efforts to encourage the throngs of worm and power bait dunkers to not keep "wild" fish...many where taken by "meat keepers". I would not be surprised to have seen guys scooping the fish out of the water with big nets. After confronting numerous groups bait anglers that I saw repeatedly returning...several for a second time during a day...I decided I would just catch as many of the fish as possible and move them above the falls were they would be much less likely to be filleted and put into a freezer.

This fish was one of several that I moved. This one was a summer survivor, but yet still stranded. It now can move upstream and show of its fall colors to its peers.

Previously, I posted a fish that I labelled "Fish Big One at my feet". It did not get any comments. It was a fish that was stuck in the Conodoguinet with rising temps and increasing fishing pressure from non-stop anglers. A thursday storm had made it move up to the falls and in turn take a worm on 2 lb least, that is what the to 2 soaked anglers told me when I had finished reviewing the other 4 fish they had laying in the back of their truck. They were laughing and saying to each other should we tell him about the over 2 footer that broke the line. I told them I already knew the fish and that I would catch him. What I did not tell them that I would move it so they would not catch it. So the next day, I took off work and caught the fish out in the Conodoguinet, and ran it up over the falls to freedom. It was a 25.5" female with a rubbed white nose and tail from being stuck at the falls. You can see the white nose in the photo.

I believe I saw "white nose" last week checking out a Dave's Hopper. It was great to see a big fish...but to see one that you have helped awesome!

It may be a natural part of the Letort...the difficult struggle of the migration that some of the big browns endure...but it is difficult to stand by and do nothing.
Published: 2013/10/12 9:43  Updated: 2013/10/12 9:43
Joined: 09/06/2013
From: Westmoreland Cty
Comments: 171
 Re: Letort 20" Male Brown in Fall Colors
There needs to be more people like you NS, I would of done the same thing, nice fish.

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