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Main : Insects and Trout Food Big Spider!

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Big Spider!
Big Spider!Popular
Submitterdc410More Photos from dc410   CategoryInsects and Trout Food   Last Update2013/4/17 22:13
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I know it's not an insect and I am really not sure if it could be called trout food but I didn't know where else to put it. One thing is for sure it was a freakin' big spider!

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/4/17 22:30  Updated: 2013/4/17 22:30
Joined: 08/24/2008
From: Mount Joy, PA
Comments: 200
 Re: Big Spider!
Water strider and no, trout don't eat them. Do a search on the forum and you'll find a topic on them.
Published: 2013/4/18 8:24  Updated: 2013/4/18 8:24
Joined: 01/21/2008
From: South Central PA
Comments: 133
 Re: Big Spider!
Looks like 8 legs to me. I noticed quite a few large wolf type spiders within roots of undercuts on a stream I visited last week. That one is lighter and smoother so maybe not a "fishing" spider but I'm no expert.
Published: 2013/4/18 12:57  Updated: 2013/4/18 12:57
Joined: 10/18/2006
From: Patterson twp, Pa (Beaver Falls)
Comments: 366
 Re: Big Spider!
I count 7.5 legs!

Def looks like a wolf spider and not a water strider. Didn't know they could walk on water though. I've seen some big ones around my house in the last few years. I wouldn't doubt a fish would eat that.
Published: 2013/4/18 21:06  Updated: 2013/4/18 21:06
Joined: 03/14/2012
From: Lancaster
Comments: 669
 Re: Big Spider!
It was definitely a spider. I was very surprised how agile it was on the surface of the water. This thing was huge, the distance between the tips of its legs was somewhere between 3 and 4 inches. Wish I had something in the picture to show some scale. This is no exaggeration, one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen in the wild.
Published: 2013/4/26 7:02  Updated: 2013/4/26 7:02
Joined: 01/27/2013
From: Sweet Valley
Comments: 186
 Re: Big Spider!
That is 100% for sure a water spider. Very common in PA...water strider is completely different. Not a wolf spider either, just google the two and you will see the many differences.

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