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Main : Fish Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout

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Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout
Lake Erie Tributary Brown TroutPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish   Last Update2012/10/18 19:54
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I am already ducking from the stones that are headed my way I got my first lake run brown last weekend out of one of the mile creeks. 22 inches and 6 lbs. I initially kept it, with the thoughts of getting a nice skin mount of the football, but ended up grilling it. Not as good as fresh steelhead, but not bad either. Please be nice. It came on a oregon cheese single egg in some slow water, and fought a little harder than a same sized steelie in my opinion

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/10/19 8:47  Updated: 2012/10/19 8:47
Joined: 04/12/2011
From: Lancaster Co.
Comments: 664
 Re: Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout
No stones - just want to say nice fish and would love to catch one like it myself. Never catch squat on oregon cheese!
Published: 2012/10/19 9:40  Updated: 2012/10/19 9:44
Joined: 02/19/2009
From: Mont Co, Pa
Comments: 389
 Re: Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout
Great looking brown. Congrats! I would have gone with the skin mount though. lol
Published: 2012/10/19 16:52  Updated: 2012/10/19 16:52
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Gettysburg
Comments: 439
 Re: Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout
Fish killer!

Published: 2012/10/20 0:21  Updated: 2012/10/20 0:21
Joined: 11/27/2011
From: Quakertown, pa
Comments: 9
 Re: Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout
What I do is get a bunch of pictures length and girth measurements in the pics as well for plastic mounts and keep good ones once in a while for the grill.
Published: 2012/10/20 23:22  Updated: 2012/10/20 23:22
Joined: 06/19/2007
From: Lancaster County
Comments: 820
 Re: Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout
Are you concerned about stones thrown out of jealousy or stones thrown because of keeping it? I'd only toss a pebble for the former. I didn't make it to Erie last year, so haven't had a chance to try for a brown, but that would be icing on an Erie trip if I caught one.
Published: 2012/10/21 14:30  Updated: 2012/10/21 14:30
Joined: 11/19/2008
From: Hagerstown, MD
Comments: 239
 Re: Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout
I was thinking more on the lines of stones thrown for killing it, I had not considered the jealousy motive. Thanks for the comments though, and I don't wanna speak too soon, but I think that Brown Trout stocking program is going to work out for the better based on what I've seen and heard from close friends in the area!!! I still have my fingers crossed, but hopefully there will be plenty to go around in the years to come.

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