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Main : General Fly Fishing Fly Tying in Afghanistan

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Fly Tying in Afghanistan
Fly Tying in AfghanistanPopular
Submittermario66pensMore Photos from mario66pens   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing   Last Update2012/8/22 19:18
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Thanks to whoever sent me this fly tying kit anonymously, you are awesome!

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/8/22 20:43  Updated: 2012/8/22 20:43
Joined: 02/19/2009
From: Mont Co, Pa
Comments: 511
 Re: Fly Tying in Afghanistan
You're Awesome! Thanks for your service.
Published: 2012/8/23 8:29  Updated: 2012/8/23 8:29
Joined: 04/24/2009
From: South Jersey
Comments: 523
 Re: Fly Tying in Afghanistan
Thank you for your service to our country. Are there trout in Afghanistan?
Published: 2012/8/23 19:34  Updated: 2012/8/23 19:34
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Gettysburg
Comments: 439
 Re: Fly Tying in Afghanistan
Two thumbs up! When I was in Iraq we had a fly tying club - "The Mosul Fly Tying Club" and spent a good bit of time during slow periods tying all sorts of flies. And we weren't the only ones. I paid a visit to the TOC of the SF guys (19th Group, I think) from Idaho - man, some serious fly fishers: they had a table probably six feet long with several vises. I remember a huge pile of hopper flies they'd tied.
Good stuff - keep tying if you can. Hope to see you at the Steelhead Jam in November.
Published: 2013/12/26 18:48  Updated: 2013/12/26 18:48
Joined: 12/26/2013
From: Latrobe
Comments: 24
 Re: Fly Tying in Afghanistan
dude you're a beast. Thank you for your service.

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