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Main : Fish My best wild brookie ever!

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My best wild brookie ever!
My best wild brookie ever!Popular
SubmitterAtlasMore Photos from Atlas   CategoryFish   Last Update2012/2/20 11:58
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Landed this fish in a very small SE PA stream. Measured 13" and took a pretty massive white wooly bugger. Charged out from under some deep cover and nearly made my heart skip a beat when I realized it was a brookie!

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/2/20 12:55  Updated: 2012/2/20 12:55
Joined: 08/12/2009
From: chester county
Comments: 53
 Re: My best wild brookie ever!
Wow! Well done! I'd be happy to even see a native that big, let alone catch one...
Published: 2012/2/20 14:48  Updated: 2012/2/20 14:49
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Gettysburg
Comments: 439
 Re: My best wild brookie ever!
It's a nice catch but certainly doesn't look wild. Of curious note: this fish has a deformed, rather undeveloped pelvic fin. Interesting.
Published: 2012/2/20 15:03  Updated: 2012/2/20 15:03
Joined: 04/12/2010
From: Downingtown
Comments: 16
 Re: My best wild brookie ever!
FI I agree with you. It certainly didnt have the bright coloration or perfect fins that I would have expected. If not for where I caught it, which is certainly not stocked, I would not have even presumed it wild. There is a chance that this fish made its way up from a stocked stream but it would have had to travel a pretty impressive distance to do it. I know that it could happen but I have fished the same stream many times and only caught wild fish. Anyway, maybe this fish is just a resourceful survivor. Either way he gave me a pretty nice surprise.
Published: 2012/2/21 12:40  Updated: 2012/2/23 16:53
Joined: 04/24/2009
From: South Jersey
Comments: 523
 Re: My best wild brookie ever!
Wild or stocked, it's a great catch. Kudos!

Published: 2012/2/21 17:51  Updated: 2012/2/21 17:54
Joined: 05/17/2010
From: Parkesburg, PA
Comments: 11
 Re: My best wild brookie ever!
If you look real close the coloration is actually pretty good... looks like the pic was taken on a camera that didn't really bring the colors out. I see some really pronounced blue halos around red dots. If it is the stream I think it came out of I would definitely say it's wild. Who knows?

Atlas, thats a nice fish.
Published: 2012/2/21 19:40  Updated: 2012/2/21 19:40
Joined: 02/19/2009
From: Mont Co, Pa
Comments: 511
 Re: My best wild brookie ever!
That is a great brookie! Congrats. If it's indeed a native, which I believe it is from what you say about the stream, that'll be tough to beat.
I find it harder to identify a native when they get that big. lol
Published: 2012/2/21 20:36  Updated: 2012/2/21 20:36
Joined: 04/12/2010
From: Downingtown
Comments: 16
 Re: My best wild brookie ever!
Thanks Nick. Taken with a Blackberry so not the optimal camera but usually does ok. I will post the other picture that I have of the fish that does a better job with the color.

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