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Big Limestone Spring Brown
Big Limestone Spring BrownPopular
SubmittersalvelinusfontinalisMore Photos from salvelinusfontinalis   CategoryFish   Last Update2010/12/25 23:14
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Made a visit to the spring creeks

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Author Thread
Published: 2010/12/27 11:06  Updated: 2010/12/27 11:06
Joined: 11/19/2008
From: Hagerstown, MD
Comments: 261
 Re: Big Limestone Spring Brown
Great fish Sal!!! That is one healthy looking female and I really like the spot pattern. That is one heck of a Christmas present. I give it a 10...did you get a measurement? I'm guessing around 20, maybe more.
Published: 2010/12/27 15:09  Updated: 2010/12/27 15:09
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: lancaster county
Comments: 1215
 Re: Big Limestone Spring Brown

No I never measured the brown. I should have because it was the biggest fish Ive ever taken from Big Spring. If I had to guess, any where from 20" - 23" but its hard to tell. It was a huge fat brown either way.
Published: 2010/12/27 16:16  Updated: 2010/12/27 16:18
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Gettysburg
Comments: 439
 Re: Big Limestone Spring Brown
It's a beauty! The torn caudel makes it hard to tell if it was surveyed. A lot of the fish in Big Spring exhibit this clipped tail due to the frequent PFBC mark and re-capture surveys.
No red spots.
Published: 2010/12/27 19:06  Updated: 2010/12/27 19:06
Joined: 09/24/2009
From: Montgomery County
Comments: 38
 Re: Big Limestone Spring Brown
What a tank. Unless you were using a 1 wt, she's got to be at least 20"... probably closer to 2 feet. Her tail is twice the size of your reel!

Gets a ten from me.
Published: 2010/12/27 21:29  Updated: 2010/12/27 21:29
Joined: 05/16/2007
From: Lancaster County
Comments: 5
 Re: Big Limestone Spring Brown
Congrats! Awesome fish. What did she take?
Published: 2010/12/27 22:08  Updated: 2010/12/27 22:10
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: lancaster county
Comments: 1215
 Re: Big Limestone Spring Brown
I tied a prince nymph then a large split shot then a olive bugger with grizzly hackle. I tossed the flies so the prince fell just behind a large clump of weeds along the streams edge.
Since the large split is behind the prince it sinks faster than both flies. This is unconventional because it causes the line to do a "V" when sinking. The tip of the V being the weight. The reason for this is so when I begin to pull the nymph will move first and then the shot and then the bugger. Gives the appearance of a small trout, fish or minnow chasing the nymph. The brown moved out of the weeds as the bugger came past and I could see the white of the mouth open and take the bugger. The ? now is did my approach fool the fish as intended? I dunno, maybe just the bugger would have worked with out the tandem. I like to think my approach worked. Well in the end I supposed it did either way
Published: 2010/12/31 2:15  Updated: 2010/12/31 2:15
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: New Castle, PA
Comments: 424
 Re: Big Limestone Spring Brown

That fish is huge. If the grip on your rod is 6-7inches long, the fish is easily around 24", maybe more. Of all the pics I've seen of Spring Creek fish, that has to be the in the top 3 in terms of size.

Heck, of all the times I've fished Spring, I've only seen one fish that could even compare to that in size and it was a bow.


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