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My most colorful brookie
My most colorful brookie Popular
SubmitterTheDudeMore Photos from TheDude   CategoryFish   Last Update2009/11/10 22:03
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I knew this one one special as soon as I set the hook and saw the fiery flash. I had no idea that it was going to be this colorful though.

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Author Thread
Published: 2009/11/11 10:18  Updated: 2009/11/11 10:18
Joined: 10/18/2006
From: Patterson twp, Pa (Beaver Falls)
Comments: 366
 Re: My most colorful brookie
I think the best part of this fish is the tail! WOW! Probably the most beautiful brookie I've seen on this site (next to that monster Spring Creek brookie). Very nice catch. I'd even think of getting a replica mount, or having FishIdiot paint one for ya. Very nice!
Published: 2009/11/11 11:16  Updated: 2009/11/11 11:16
Joined: 04/24/2009
From: South Jersey
Comments: 523
 Re: My most colorful brookie
Damn!! I love fall brookies. It makes me sad I can't get away for more fall fishing. I envy you.

Published: 2009/11/11 14:12  Updated: 2009/11/11 14:12
Joined: 05/04/2007
From: A little-known town called Bellefonte
Comments: 34
 Re: My most colorful brookie
I am envious too...this fish was caught three years ago when I used to fish 100 days a year. I have a two year old now. Do the math!
Published: 2009/11/11 18:01  Updated: 2009/11/11 18:01
Joined: 01/10/2009
Comments: 13
 Re: My most colorful brookie
Nice colors!
Tight lines!
Published: 2009/11/11 22:49  Updated: 2009/11/11 22:49
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: lancaster county
Comments: 1364
 Re: My most colorful brookie

I cant keep up with all the great pics

Im just kiddin we all lovin it
Published: 2009/11/12 20:44  Updated: 2009/11/12 20:44
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Gettysburg
Comments: 439
 Re: My most colorful brookie
Yeah, this one's a beauty. I remember when you posted this pic on that other forum awhile back. The fish was so incredible I printed the photo and still have it in my reference collection of brookie photos.
Published: 2009/11/12 20:56  Updated: 2009/11/12 20:56
Joined: 10/26/2006
From: Gunpowder River, MD
Comments: 12
 Re: My most colorful brookie
That may be the finest brook trout I've seen in PA...
Published: 2009/12/2 10:29  Updated: 2009/12/2 10:29
Joined: 06/01/2007
From: Mechanicsburg,PA
Comments: 1
 Re: My most colorful brookie
Picture Perfect!!! I hear ya Dude. Got a 2yr old and a 7 month old. For the first time ever I didn't even purchase my liscence. I will be out Jan.1.
Published: 2009/12/2 22:38  Updated: 2009/12/2 22:38
Joined: 05/04/2007
From: A little-known town called Bellefonte
Comments: 34
 Re: My most colorful brookie
Matt, yeah I believe it. That will probably be me once we have a second kid. Right now I am down to about 20 days a year from the original 80-100. I fished more the first year after our girl was born, but now I guess I'm finally settling into the new lifestyle. These forums help me feel like I'm still just as involved. I can only imagine that a second child would further drop the number of days I can screw around.

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